24 Covered Patio Ideas to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

Mikkelsen's enclosed patio
Photo: Dominique Vorillon

Enjoy protection from the weather while extending your living space. Covered patios blend the comforts of the indoors with the laidback atmosphere of outdoor spaces. Use these design solutions to outfit your own covered patio with cozy furniture, decorative details, and comfort-enhancing features.

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Colorful Outdoor Living Space

cement patio black pergola
Paul Costello

Colorful accessories and plenty of plant life turn this covered patio into an inviting outdoor hangout. A low-profile sofa and hanging chair form a laidback living area, while a dining table and benches provide plenty of space for entertaining. Hanging ferns and pendant lamps dangle from the ceiling, which is covered in corrugated aluminum for protection against the elements.

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Outdoor Dining Area

Outdoor dining area, wicker furniture
Kim Cornelison

Outfitted with a farm table and woven chairs, this covered patio serves as a cozy dining area for alfresco meals. The furniture is grounded with a patterned area rug and illuminated by star-shaped pendants. Container gardens separate the covered porch and the rest of the yard.

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Covered Patio Oasis

wicker outdoor furniture and red pillows
Laurie Black

A pergola forms a shady oasis in this lushly landscaped backyard. The covered patio is outfitted with a matching set of wicker furniture, which forms an inviting conversation area for entertaining guests. Coral pillows repeat the orange tones that appear throughout the garden.

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Covered Patio Furniture Ideas

indoor-outdoor loggia with teak walls
Annie Schlechter

Teak walls and bluestone floors outfit this breezy covered patio with natural texture and durable style. The casual mix of easy-care furniture includes a glass-topped driftwood table, a woven water hyacinth chair, and a sectional slipcovered in outdoor fabric. Slatted barn doors, which lead out to the backyard, easily slide closed to keep out wind or rain.

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Small Covered Patio

Porch with table, chairs, blue vase
Blaine Moats

Although you might envision covered patios as grand, expansive spaces, small areas can provide a just-right spot for outdoor dining and relaxing. Here, a narrow patio offers just enough room for a pedestal table and bistro chairs. A lantern hangs above the table to provide cozy ambience in the evenings.

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All-Weather Covered Patio

Mikkelsen's enclosed patio
Dominique Vorillon

A covered patio provides an all-weather spot for this family to dine, lounge, and play. Open to the backyard, the sheltered area encompasses a built-in firepit, dining area, grill, and hot tub. The roof's louvered panels provide protection from rain or bright sun, while mounted heaters and recessed lighting provide comfort after dusk.

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Covered Outdoor Seating Area

brick, patio, pergola
Ed Gohlich

A covered patio provides the perfect spot to sit back and take in the view. Sheltered by a roof overhang, this shady area is outfitted with a group of modern rocking chairs, which offer laidback yet stylish seating. The east-facing patio keeps cool in the evenings while offering a bright spot to start the mornings.

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Personalized Covered Patio

covered patio with eclectic pillows
Helen Norman

Outfit your covered patio with decorating ideas that reflect your personality. Here, pops of lime green and navy enter in the form of patterned throw pillows to dress up an otherwise neutral color scheme. A mix of wood, metal, stone, and fabric materials provides textural contrast and visual interest.

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Built-in Comforts

built-in ceiling heaters and lighting covered patio
Ed Gohlich

Built-in features can make your covered patio even more livable and convenient. If budget, time, and construction allow, consider incorporating temperature-regulating elements into the design for added comfort. Here, built-in heaters, recessed lights, and a ceiling fan improve practicality.

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Tech for Covered Patios

flat screen tv and fireplace in covered patio
Emily Followill

Bring indoor conveniences outdoors by incorporating technology into your covered patio. Outdoor-safe speakers and televisions allow you to increase the hours spent outside. On this patio, a TV mounted above the fireplace turns this seating area into the ultimate entertaining hub.

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Covered Patio Decorating Ideas

stone fireplace and fan in covered patio
Emily Followill

When designing an outdoor covered patio, use the same guidelines as you would in an indoor space. Pick up on similar materials and colors to establish a palette for your space. Here, metal accents echo the deep tone of the wicker furniture. Scale the furniture to fit the proportions of the room, and add accents, such as the color-blocked pillows used on this patio, to mix in personality.

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Outdoor Patio Zones

brick patio with covered and open zones
Ed Gohlich

Whether by design or by accident, your house might include architectural quirks that seem to present roadblocks. Here, the covered patio space flows into an open patio as well as one with a rooflike, windowed upper boundary. The homeowners used those transitions as a natural way to create different outdoor zones, which provide areas for lounging, dining, and entertaining.

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Covered Patio Retreat

curved archways of covered patio
Dominique Vorillon

Deft space planning can help covered patios feel connected to a home. Here, natural curves in the home's architecture provide a covered spot for a restful gathering of chairs and a table. Full-height windows connect interior to exterior, while container gardens ease the transition between the covered patio and the rest of the yard.

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Landscaping for Covered Patios

Traditional style outdoor patio
Tria Giovan

A well-designed covered patio can help unify your home's landscaping and architectural details. This elegant space connects to the rest of the yard via arched openings. The patio's curved lines and traditional decorative details tie in with the formal style of the garden outside.

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Stand-Alone Covered Patio

stand-alone tile-roof covered patio
Laurie Black

Who says a covered patio has to be connected to a home? If the structure works elsewhere in your yard and helps you enjoy amenities more hours of the day (and night), then adapt it accordingly. Here, a tile-roof structure offers shelter next to an outdoor fireplace.

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Covered Patio Seating

patio bench bonus seating
Ed Gohlich

Get more out of your covered patio by maximizing its flexibility. For example, include seating that can adapt to crowds big and small. Here, a narrow bench against a half wall can be used as landing spots for guests or extra food and drink items. For even more options, convert some of the bench spaces to storage, too.

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Elegant Backyard Patio

flushed covered patio with white furniture cushions
Michael Luppino

Many covered patios are elevated above the plane of the yard, which establishes a visual separation between the house and the landscape. This casual but elegant space creates a more seamless transition, thanks to a flush connection between patio floor and lawn. Pretty details on the furniture's cushions pick up on the muted blue-gray trim on the home.

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Patio Roofline Details

beam covered patio with long sectional seating
Laurie Black

The design of a covered patio's roof can enhance its level of intimacy. Here, regularly spaced beams with gently carved ends offer a soothing visual above the rustic-style spot. Oversize hammered copper planters help create a transition from one zone to the next.

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Patio Dining Zone

covered patio dining area
Richard Leo Johnson

If your covered patio is large enough to create multiple zones, such as dining and seating, make sure to include enough space for traffic to flow from one spot to another. Outdoor rugs can help establish borders, as can placement of furniture. Here, a dining table turned lengthwise allows room to pass on either long side.

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Covered Patio Privacy Ideas

brick covered patio with curtains
Brie Williams

Covered patios are often open to the landscape, as well as adjoining yards, so elements that boost privacy can be a welcome addition. Here, outdoor curtains hang from rods mounted above the patio's arched openings. The gauzy fabric provides a sense of privacy and helps diffuse light.

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Outdoor Furniture Tips

cushioned patio furniture with metal coffee table
Werner Straube

The level of protection on a covered patio largely determines the type of furniture that you can use. For spaces that might receive some moisture, outdoor furniture and fabrics are best. Slipcovered pieces can also help conquer the increased level of use (and dirt) that often accompanies covered patio spaces.

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Ceiling Features

skylight covered patio with fireplace
Matthew Benson

Although traditional covered patios have a full, closed ceiling, skylights can be a pretty way to draw natural light into a space. An opening in this patio's ceiling helps shed light on the fireplace area. Complete with cozy outdoor furniture and an area rug, this contemporary-style covered patio feels like an open-air living room.

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Covered Patio Accessories

decorative metal light fixtures in covered patio
Edmund Barr

Some patios don't have a huge expanse of wall space, which can mean fewer opportunities to add decorative accents. Here, the homeowners took advantage of the ceiling to showcase unique accessories. The collection of decorative metal fixtures adds an unexpected accent and global flair to the covered patio.

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Covered Patio Comforts

open neutral patio with stone and pillars
Robert Brinson

Bring the comforts of the indoors to your outdoor space. This covered patio is furnished with all the amenities of a living room, including comfortable seating, plush pillows, accent tables, and even a floor lamp. Above, dual ceiling fans keep the breeze moving through the open-air space.

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