16 Brick Patio Ideas That’ll Give You Major Backyard Envy

Brick Patio

Brick patios complement all architecture styles and suit landscapes ranging from romantic to rustic. See how 16 lovely patios put brick to perfect effect.

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Serene Setting

Brick Patio

A wide brick path guides the eye and traffic to the roofed patio. The walkway, finished with a brick band that emphasizes the lawn's curves, supplies a patio-like area that accommodates extra seating when a party's on tap.

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Perfect Partners

Brick Patio

Above else, bricks provide warm, neutral backdrops that work with most colors. The earthen tones of this patio's brick floor inspired the use of deep brown fabrics and light wood finishes, which set off citrusy greens and yellows cued by colors seen in the landscape.

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Boost Your Brick Patio

Upgrade your brick patio with these magazine-worthy decorating and design ideas.

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Cohesive Composition

Brick Patios

Brick patios make fine companions for brick abodes and homes with brick details. This patio keeps things interesting by repeating the same type of brick in varying patterns and applications. The brick's rusty shadings mirror the rafter's warm tones to give this open-air retreat a sense of enclosure.

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Circular Digs

Brick Patio

Mortared brick patios are generally installed atop concrete bases, which can be poured in a wide array of shapes. This backyard patio's circular form makes the most of an underused corner to create a permanent place for arranging a cozy conversation grouping.

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Textural Statement

Brick Patio

To fashion high-impact patio floors, puzzle together rectangular, square, narrow, and squat bricks. Like a delightfully patterned tone-on-tone rug, these type of brick patios create eye-catching foundations that complement a wide range of furniture styles.

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Formal Finish

Brick Patio

Bricks arranged in herringbone patterns fashion patios that enhance traditional and historic homes and gardens. Boost interest by incorporating straight-lined bands and borders that accentuate the brickwork pattern.

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Safe Passage

Brick Patio

Consider underfoot comfort. In this backyard haven, common bricks with even contours fashion an easily traversed walkway that leads to a slightly bumpier patio, crafted of irregular clinker bricks and cobblestones.

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Best of Both Worlds

Brick Patio

Reclaimed bricks in various sizes bring been-around-awhile appeal to an antique-furnished patio positioned amid tropical foliage. Newer brick-style tiles reface concrete steps to create a pulled-together design.

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Room with Views

Brick Patio

Brick is easy to install and durable, making it the ideal material for creating a garden room anywhere in your landscape. This worn brick patio handily spans the space between porch steps and a prettily profiled garden structure to pave the way for eating and seating areas.

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Artistically Arranged

Brick Patio

When planning a brick patio, think about the furniture you will be using as well as its placement. This will allow you to create brickwork patterns, such as this patio's circular motif, that highlight specific furniture pieces or design faux area rugs defined with brick borders.

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Foundation for Eclectic

Brick Patio

Weathered bricks, contemporary finishes, and international touches combine for a distinctive patio designed to satisfy the dining and style needs of a busy modern family. Stained by time, the reclaimed bricks' highlights nicely tie to the home's white exterior.

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Urban Renewal

Brick Patio

White and gray staining characterizes bricks salvaged from demolished buildings and century-old city streets. When laid in a basket-weave pattern, as seen here, they provide a versatile and appealing anchor for laidback lounging areas, streamlined furniture, and flea market finds.

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Natural Extension

Brick Patio

Common bricks fashion a fetching foundation for a sunken patio reached via stone steps and a stone-paved path. Bricklayers created one-brick-wide bands that alternate direction to create a simple pattern that intensifies the patio's charm.

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Building Blocks

Brick Patio

Play up the angles to fabricate multifaceted patios. Here, a flat plane of diagonal bricks bordered with rows of straight bricks partners with vertically stacked brick columns and horizontal brick steps to provide scintillating shapes at many levels.

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Organic Attitude

Brick Patio

For a natural look, forego mortar and place bricks side-by-side atop a compacted gravel-and-sand base. Sprinkle planting soil between the bricks and sow seeds of creeping, step-resistant herbs, which will grow to soften the bricks' straight lines and blend the brick surface with its verdant surroundings.

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