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The 8 Best Zero-Gravity Chairs That Deliver Weightless Comfort

The outdoor seating starts at $65.
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There's nothing better than carving out some personal time to relax in the backyard. While you could spread out a picnic blanket or sit on a traditional patio chair, one of the best (and most comfortable) ways to relax outdoors is with a zero-gravity chair. These anti-gravity chairs look simple, but you'll find they are extremely comfortable thanks to their unique reclining function. Lying back in this suspended position also reduces pressure on the neck and lower back, says Dr. Rahul Shah, MD, a board-certified orthopedic spine and neck surgeon.

It's no wonder people feel particularly calm while sitting in a zero-gravity chair. "The body is always trying to stabilize the head over the pelvis by activating different muscles so that one does not fall down," Shah says. "However, when in a zero-gravity chair, all of the muscles are supported from the head all the way down to the lower legs." Because of this support, your muscles won't have to put in extra work to keep you up, causing this sort of zen state that's all about relaxation.  

What Should I Look for in a Zero-Gravity Chair? 

When shopping for an anti-gravity chair, Shah recommends options that conform to the curves of your body, delivering excellent comfort. Also consider a chair that's designed to support your head, legs, and the contour of your neck and lower back to prevent aches and strains. Unsure where to start? We did the hard work for you and found the best zero-gravity chairs on Amazon that have expert-approved features and are loved by real-life shoppers.

The 8 Best Zero-Gravity Chairs on Amazon:

Browse top-rated gravity chairs that'll deliver comfort and support for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

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Best Overall: Caravan Sports Zero-Gravity Chair

Relax anywhere with the Caravan Sports zero-gravity chair that's equal parts stylish, portable, and affordable. Dubbed as a lifesaver for anyone with back pain or strains, the Caravan chair can be adjusted to go as far back as needed and has a dual-finger locking mechanism to hold you in place while lounging. With an adjustable headrest, it also provides support under the neck or can be used to cushion the lower back. Additionally, the zero-gravity chair is made with a durable outdoor mesh fabric that shoppers say delivers breathability and prevents overheating, which you'll need on warm days outside. It's so beloved, shoppers have given it more than 6,500 five-star ratings on Amazon. 

Buy It: Caravan Sports Zero-Gravity Chair, $84 (originally $90)

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Best Budget: Amazon Basics Outdoor Zero-Gravity Folding Chair

While zero-gravity chairs aren't the cheapest piece of outdoor furniture, you can still get all the comfort while sticking to a budget with this affordable option from Amazon Basics. The anti-gravity chair is made with weather-resistant Textilene fabric that's secured by a bungee-cord design, giving you that weightless feeling shoppers say makes their "whole body unwind." It has a coated steel frame, can hold up to 200 pounds, and is available in four stylish colors. Shoppers even say that the Amazon Basics chair "works like the expensive ones," but at half the price. 

Buy It: Amazon Basics Outdoor Zero-Gravity Folding Chair ($65)

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Best Set: Best Choice Products Mesh Zero-Gravity Chair Set

If you're looking for chairs enjoyed by thousands of shoppers, including Better Homes & Gardens editors, consider the Best Choice Products zero-gravity chair set. The chairs can recline up to 160 degrees, delivering that coveted floating feeling. The foldable chair has an ergonomic design that contours to your frame while keeping you secure. Shah says this kind of support can help relieve tension in the body. And shoppers agree, saying it provides support for the neck, back, and legs—hitting all three areas ideal in a zero-gravity chair. Plus, this set comes with detachable trays so you can store your drink and phone.  

Buy It: Best Choice Products Mesh Zero-Gravity Chair Set ($110)

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Best Recliner: Lafuma Futura Zero-Gravity Patio Recliner

Lafuma is one of the most popular brands of zero-gravity chairs due to its iconic weightless construction. While the anti-gravity chairs on this list feature comforting designs, Lafuma Futura chairs take it a step further: They position your body at a 127-degree angle and elevate the legs a bit higher so that it's at the same level as your chest for leg support that shoppers say feels lovely. The chair also has an ergonomic clip suspension design that contours its mesh material to your spine and relieves joint pressure you'd typically feel with traditional outdoor chairs. Shoppers say it's the "best zero-gravity chair ever, hands down."

Buy It: Lafuma Futura Zero-Gravity Patio Recliner ($173)

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Best Oversized: Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Patio Chair

An oversized zero-gravity chair gives you all the comfort of weightlessness with extra space to spread out in the yard, at the beach, or on a camping trip. The Timber Ridge zero-gravity chair can accommodate up to 600 pounds, has a strong steel frame, and a 26.7-inch seat capacity, so you won't feel confined to one position. It has an easy-to-use lever that adjusts the chair from upright to a relaxed 72-inch recline. Shoppers love its padded design, and the sliding cushion for your head and back adds another level of comfort and lumbar support that "definitely makes a difference."

Buy It: Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Patio Chair ($140)

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Best Lawn Chair: Ever Advanced Zero-Gravity Camping Chair

Whether you love camping in the backyard or taking overnight trips to a national park, a compact, foldable chair is a must. So why not go with one that's comfortable and supports the body? Cue the Ever Advanced lounge chair designed specifically for outdoor seating. It's made with polyester fabric and has a foldable design that can be stored in a carrying case with straps. The zero-gravity chair reclines back and locks in place at any position and has a double bungee-cord design that allows the fabric to cradle you. 

Buy It: Ever Advanced Zero-Gravity Camping Chair, $96 (originally $110)

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Best Canopy Chair: Goplus Zero-Gravity Canopy Lounge Chair

Need some shade from the sun? The Goplus zero-gravity chair has you covered, literally, with a sun canopy that's attached to the top of the headrest. The canopy has an adjustable design that shoppers say is easy to position as the sun moves throughout the day, and it can be rotated back post-sunset. The Goplus anti-gravity chair also delivers the weightless feeling you want in a zero-gravity recliner thanks to its ergonomic design and adjustable lumbar support. It also has a stabilizing frame that prevents wobbling, giving you a sense of security while relaxing. 

Buy It: Goplus Zero-Gravity Canopy Lounge Chair ($95)

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Best Rocker Chair: Outsunny Zero-Gravity Reclining Rocker Chair

A rocking chair is one of the most soothing seats to relax in, and that's why Outsunny combined the gentle sway of a rocker with the ergonomic feel of a zero-gravity chair. Shoppers love to wind down with the Outsunny zero-gravity chair on the porch or deck, and one reviewer even says it is "so comfy and relaxing" that their neighbors are actually jealous. This rocking chair has a lever to adjust the recline to evenly distribute your body weight and make your head, back, and legs feel like they're floating. 

Buy It: Outsunny Zero-Gravity Reclining Rocker Chair ($125)