Garden Path Ideas: Stepping Stone Walkways

Stepping stone pathways can be a great addition to your outdoor landscape. Find ideas here about the design, shape, and size of stones that will best fit your decor.

Intersecting Stone Walkways

Stepping stone paths spread all over this yard, creating a fun pattern and a perfect place for a leisurely stroll. If your landscape boasts lots of space and beautiful gardens, consider a multitude of intersecting pathways that lead visitors around the grounds. The pathway is easy to maintain, as the stones can be mowed over.

Stepping Stone Path Leading to a Cozy Arbor

Stepping stones can be a great way to beckon guests to a hidden spot, such as this cozy white arbor. Here, the stones blend beautifully with the landscape, easily visible while still retaining an earthy appeal. Add to your outdoor decor by framing the path with blooming flowers and lush greenery.

Match Your Pathway with Your Patio

Link your stepping stone path to your other outdoor decor by matching the style of stone throughout the landscape. Here, the stepping stones lead to a mortared patio made of the same kind of stone. The charcoal-gray hues provide a beautiful contrast to the dark green of the plants and grass and produce a natural look for the yard.

Different Sizes of Stepping Stones

One of the great things about stone pathways is that not every stepping stone needs to be the same shape or size. Once you find the color and design that will best fit your landscape, choosing the size and shape is simple. Here, the path leads to a landing made of stones of random sizes. The light hues make the walkway easily visible and invite guests to enjoy the scenery.

Short Distances from Stone to Stone for a Leisurely Stroll

It is important to consider the distance between each stone when installing a walkway in your yard. Here, the stones are spaced for a leisurely stroll through the garden. When abundant blooms cover the landscape, such as in this garden, larger stones are a good choice as they won't be overtaken by the plantings.

Cut Stones for a Symmetrical Appeal

For a more symmetrical look, stepping stones can be cut to the same size and shape. Here, the stones are crafted in a rectangular shape, leading visitors around the landscape to take in garden scenes and unique architectural designs. The color neatly contrasts with the lush green of the grass to make the walkway easily visible.

Stepping Stones to Traverse Your Pond

Add a unique twist to your landscape with stepping stones that span your pond. Here, the stones are placed on cinder blocks that allow both people and pets to cross the pond. Match the stepping stones with the stones that surround the water, ensuring it all will blend beautifully. Choose the size of the stones based on the size of your water feature, while keeping safety in mind as well.

Fill in Between Stones with Scotch Moss

Make your stepping stone pathway look as if it was always meant to be there by surrounding the stones with a beautiful garden decor. Here, red and gold blooms frame the walkway, while scotch moss fills in between the stones. The low moss adds a unique twist to the path while still making it easy to meander along the walkway to see what other scenery it may lead to.

Circular Stepping Stones

Circular pavers are a practical way to incorporate a stone pathway into your landscape. Here, a multitude of stones lead throughout the yard, making it simple to move from place to place. Each stone is fashioned of the same material and cut to the same size to bring continuity and symmetry to the area.

Checkerboard Pavers for a Fun Design

Checkerboard pavers are a fun way to incorporate a unique design into your stone walkway. Here, the light stone provides a beautiful contrast against the dark green of the grass, which acts as the dark squares of the checkerboard. Your checkerboard pattern can be either large or small, depending on the size paver you choose.

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