Garden Path Ideas: Mixed-Material Walkways

Find the right mix of materials to create a unique garden path that meets your landscaping needs.

Inlay Bricks

Inlay bricks within concrete for a unique look.

Paving-Stone Path

Mixing different kinds of stone and other materials creates a unique pathway that fits perfectly into any landscape. The goal is to create a pleasing blend and contrast between the materials used. For example, full or broken pieces of cut stone can be combined with fieldstone and gravel to create attractive pathways.

No matter the design, material, and shape, guests will marvel at the care, attention to detail, and amount of time that went into construction. This handsome and durable paving-stone pathway makes a great addition to any yard.

Garden Path

A pathway like this stone-and-pebble one suggests the best route for garden visitors to take to enjoy lushly landscaped grounds.

Practical Steps

Create stairs in your yard to help visitors navigate a steep incline. These wood-bordered steps continue a path that meanders past two waterfalls, vine maples, and bushy evergreen plantings.

Brick-and-Stone Path

Brick and stone combine to create this patchwork-quilt path that leads past spirea bushes to a small seating area. Juxtaposing two elements yields charming, timeworn character even to a newly planted yard.

Grass Walkway

What's better for walking in the yard than soft green grass? Create graceful, curving paths of green through your landscape to make it accessible and comfortable.

Here, groundcover on both sides accents the graphic power of a green pathway. From a distance, the groundcover offers a similar color to the turf, but a different texture and height.

Contrasting Square Pavers

When designing a pathway, do the unexpected by playing with different shapes. These square stone pavers on gravel lead up to the rectangular lawn accented with concrete spheres. Throwing another shape into the mix makes the yard a piece of contemporary art.

Curving Stone Path

A path doesn't have to be straight and narrow. This curving pathway is made for strolling, not striding; accent bricks add interest.

Narrow Walkway

Narrow spaces are popular places to add designed walkways. Here, two sizes of square precast concrete stepping-stones are set on the diagonal to form the base of a corridor through a side yard. Brick edging holds the gravel surrounding the squares in place.

Asian-Style Walkway

Depending on the design, a path can be merely a practical connection between two points or more of an experience. In this Asian-style strolling garden, paths are designed to intentionally slow the pace of visitors.

Bluestone-and-Pebble Path

Plantings serve as aesthetically pleasing interruptions in a walkway. A pattern of smoothly tailored bluestone and large river pebbles surrounds a group of multitrunk vine maples.

Rustic Pathway

A natural-looking pathway such as this one is an excellent match for raised beds overflowing with conifers.

Wide Walkway

This extra-wide walkway visually stretches the small yard. Other elements, such as the arbor that directs the eye upward, work with the path to complete the illusion.

Flagstone and Concrete

Mortared flagstone and exposed aggregate concrete are a rugged pair that provide solid footing for this seating area. A fragmented effect makes an eye-catching corner.

Concrete Sidewalk

Strips of river rock break up a too-bulky path. Exposed aggregate concrete visually carries a dry stream of river rock across the concrete sidewalk.

Cottage Garden Path

Stepping-stones and gravel create a casual path that matches the informal style of this cottage garden. Plants growing over the edge soften it and draw the path into the garden.

Appealing Path

Cut stone, river rock, gravel, and sand are the main ingredients in this appealing path. Though it looks random and rustic, it follows a definite plan.

Simple Walkway

Mixed-material paths needn't be complex. Flagstone steppers set on the ground with small stones between them make a simple, effective path.

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