Make a Brick Path

Add interest -- and direction -- to your yard with this brick path.

A brick path can either meander through a backyard or create a welcoming path leading friends to your front door. Wherever you decide to stake out your path, here's how to lay it down.

What You Need:

(All amounts should be based on the size path you're creating. Speak to your local garden sales staff for accurate purchasing information.)

  • White spray paint
  • Sod stripper
  • Aggregate stones
  • Coarse sand
  • Plate compactor
  • Rake
  • Commercial brick edging
  • Bricks of your choice


Garden Path: Step 1
Step 1: Shape the way.

1. Mark the location of the path with white spray paint or parallel hoses. Remove the turf by hand or with a sod stripper. Then use a spade to excavate to a depth of 7 inches.

Garden Path: Step 2
Step 2: Add aggregate stones.

2. Spread a 4-inch base of aggregate over the surface of the path. For small paths, a heavy hand tamp works fine. For large paths, use a plate compactor to level the material. Plate compactors are usually available at rental companies.

Garden Path: Step 3
Step 3: Add sand.

3. After the aggregate is in place, cover it with an inch of coarse sand. Rake the sand level but don't pack it down at this time. The bricks will be easier to set if the sand is loose.

Brick Garden Path: Step 4
Step 4: Anchor your efforts.

4. Use a commercial brick edging to help you keep the bricks in position.

Brick Garden Path: Step 5
Step 5: Place bricks.

5. Place the bricks on the sand starting along the path edge. Then, put the rest of the bricks in position. Add a layer of sand over the bricks and tamp down with a plate compactor. Finish up by sweeping sand between any remaining cracks.

Brick Garden Path
Step 6: Embellish and enjoy!.

6. Fill in around the path with plantings of your choice.

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