Here's a way to lay stepping stones that won't break your bank, or your back.


You don't have to build a foundation of sand and gravel when you lay down cut stepping stones. If your stones have some heft, you can just remove sod and soil to the appropriate depth and call it a day.

What You Need:

  • Stepping stones
  • Spade


Step 1

1. Lay out the path. Position your stones and outline them with your spade.

Steps 2 and 3

2. Remove sod. Lay the stone aside, and surgically remove soil with horizontal strokes.

3. Install the stones. Plop the stone into the jigsaw-puzzle space you created. Make sure the stone is below mowing level.

Comments (1)

June 16, 2018
Here's the rub: Your grass will probably grow over the edges, especially if it is Bermuda or zoysia.