Garden Path Ideas: Brick Walkways

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Wide Brick Path


A brick path is a beautiful way to allow guests to stroll around the grounds and enjoy the views. Enable two to walk hand-in-hand by installing a spacious path, such as this 5-foot-wide version. For added flair, the path can be broader at the curves or wider at one end to create a visual effect of near or far.

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Combine Materials for a Timeless Path


For visual enrichment, use a mix of materials in your brick walkway. Brick and stone create the appearance of a patchwork-quilt path that leads past beautiful gardens to a cozy seating area. Combining the stone and brick gives the path a personal touch. Additionally, it creates a worn and timeless look that makes the walkway appear as if it was always there.

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Match Bricks for Classy Continuity


Creating continuity for your outdoor decor is simple when combining low brick walls with paths of brick pavers. Low walls match perfectly with the pavers that form the garden entry. The path leads around the planted area, while a fountain provides an extra treat for the senses. Create a similar look for your garden by matching path materials with those found on your outdoor walls or home.

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Straight Path for a Grand Entrance


Create a luxurious entry into your home with a long, straight path that accents the grandeur of the home. Gates open to reveal a clean, crisp walkway that puts the house as the focal point at the end of the walkway. For an added sense of splendor, have gates open into the path to make guests feel like they are being granted entrance. The formal walkway is perfect for the dignity and traditional appeal of the house.

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Brick Pavers Atop a Sandy Base


When choosing the material for your brick walkway, it is essential to consider the style you want to accentuate in your outdoor decor. Dark red bricks set in a sandy base create the impression of age. Additionally, the sand base ensures that the bricks will not move with drastic weather changes. This brick pathway fits in beautifully with the garden landscape, accentuating the timeworn and traditional feel.

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Frame Your Walkway for a Finished Look

Asian side yard

For both low-maintenance and aesthetic appeal, a brick pathway is the perfect choice for your landscape. To make the walkway more in tune with nature, avoid using perfectly straight lines, seen here with the path curving around the stairs. Framing the walkway with low, small shrubs adds a personal touch that gives the path a completed look. Using similar colors for both the brick walkway and the rock that surrounds the landscape integrates the path into the garden.

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Brick Pathways Paired with Small Stepping Stones


Brick pathways are a logical and beautiful solution for areas frequented with footsteps. The brick ensures that grass will not be matted down by a multitude of people wandering through the grounds. Here, the brick pathway leads around the garden to allow guests to take in the views. For an added treat, use small brick stepping stones to allow visitors to wander off the beaten path so they can enjoy even more breathtaking views.

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Take a Tour on a Winding Brick Walkway


A winding brick pathway is a great way to take guests on a tour of your backyard--from the house, to shaded resting areas, past colorful and blooming plants, throughout the rest of the landscape. Additionally, an expansive walkway ensures that years of gardening remain beautiful because guests are likely to stay on the path, wondering where it will lead them. Here, the pathway is placed directly adjacent to the plantings, giving guests a close and personal view.

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Brick Walkways All Lead to a Central Point


One of the great things about brick is that pavers come in a plethora of colors and finishes. Create an old-world look in your backyard by mixing colors and withholding mortar typically placed between each paver. Have your pathway lead to a beautiful focal point, such as the water feature in this garden. To add to the mature appeal, this landscape boasts aged cypress fences that blend beautifully with the old brick.

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Brick as a Walkway Border


For a more natural-looking path, use brick simply as the border for your walkway. The brick pavers outline the path of soft grass, which is a treat for bare feet. Additionally, the brick pavers make it easy to see where the plantings end and the path begins.

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Connect Your Garden with a Narrow Brick Pathway


Narrow brick pathways, such as in this garden, can be used to connect the various elements throughout the landscape. Here, the narrow path breaks off in a plethora of directions, ensuring that anyone strolling around the area will have plenty to see. A narrow path makes guests feel as though they are walking directly through the garden, giving the area an almost forbidden appeal. The narrow walkway also breaks up the landscape, ensuring that the greenery forms distinct areas of landscaping.

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Straight Paths Lead to a Focal Point


Straight brick paths have a formal air. Here, the straight path leads both visually and physically to an elegant gazebo that offers a break from the sun. For a finished look, add an extra layer of bricks on the sides of the path to frame the walkway. Different finishes and colors of old brick can be used to ensure that the pathway fits in with the outdoor landscape.

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Brick in Place of Cement


Instead of a traditional and boring sidewalk, use brick pavers on your walkway to add to the appeal of the landscape. The brick gives an added flair of a unique design rather than the dull and monotonous cement tone. A wide walkway, such as the one pictured here, is perfect for two to walk side-by-side while enjoying the grounds. Framed by a plethora of blooming plants and lush greenery, the walkway is a beautiful way to enjoy the scenery while heading to the house.

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Add to the Garden Architecture with Straight-Edged Walkways


Add to the design of your garden by matching the lines of your pathway with those of your landscape. Symmetrical boxwood hedges match the crisp lines of the pathway. Placing the bricks at adjacent angles at the edges creates a border for the walkway while maintaining straight edges and clean corners.

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Timeworn Appeal for a Beautiful Brick Walkway


Brick pavers set in gravel give your pathway a timeworn appeal that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. By placing the brick pavers atop the sand, they are unlikely to crack or separate when the weather changes. Additionally, the gravel that peaks through makes the brick look as if it was meant to be there, adding to the beauty of the landscape.

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Serpentine Path Surrounded with Dense Greenery


A serpentine path that winds through your yard creates the appearance of a spacious area. The dense layers of evergreens that outline this path add to the secluded appeal. With each bend, visitors are surprised with breathtaking views. Add flavor by having the bricks follow the curves of the path. A slightly raised edge that ensures that the multitude of plants won't grow over onto the walkway completes the walkway.

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Checkerboard with Brick and Groundcover


The beauty of brick walkways is that they can be arranged in a plethora of ways to suit the style of your outdoor decor. Here, the checkerboard pattern fits in with the square water feature. Grass, which acts as the dark squares of the checkerboard, softens brick pavers. The unique design adds a personal touch to your yard while incorporating the practicality of a brick walkway.

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Extend Patio Brick to the Walkway


Add to your landscape by extending brick from the patio into a pathway that winds around the yard, granting access to the patio, house, and beautiful gardens. A brick walkway ends at an eating area. The colors blend beautifully with the landscape, and using the same style and color of brick on the patio and walkway provides continuity for the space.

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