Tips for Turning Your Garden Shed into a Multiuse Structure

Transform an ordinary outdoor shed into a stylish space for creating crafts and entertaining.

An outdoor shed is not normally a place in which you spend much time, but we want to change that. With functional storage, clever furniture, and a little bit of creativity, your garden shed can become a hub for crafts and entertainment. Follow along with our gorgeous shed tour to see how you can make a space all your own with just a few easy updates. Trust us—you won't believe what we have behind those French doors.

Split Decision

inside of shed

Take advantage of the narrow space on either side of the front door by adding pillars of storage. Use one side for hardworking supplies, such as garden tools, plants, and watering cans. On the opposite side, store more unconventional shed items such as crafts supplies and reading materials. This way you'll be ready for work or play at a moment's notice.

Smart Storage


The best way to get a shed that works as a multiuse space is to install flexible furniture and storage units. Make handy plywood shelves that line the doorway adjustable with simple wood brackets. This allows the space between shelves to become as large or as small as you like. As items you store in your shed come and go, the shelves will always fit your needs!

Pop Art


When you're done planning your garden for the spring, turn your workspace into a pop-up artist's studio. This handy table folds flat against the wall when not in use but is slim enough to keep your shed feeling spacious while you're crafting the afternoon away. Keep paints and brushes in the storage units adjacent to the table, and always have a stool on hand. Once your flowers start to bloom, look for inspiration for your next DIY masterpiece!

Convertible Tabletop

installing desk

This handy piece of hardware lets you turn your storage-friendly shed into a pop-up creative workspace. When the metal brace swivels to the side, the hollow-core tabletop and work surface gently collapses against the wall.

Unexpected Gems


A garden shed is likely the last place you think of to hang art. But in this multifunctional space, why not? Small cubby storage is cleverly tucked away between the window and ceiling. When needed, these can hold extra gardening supplies. But when you don't need the storage space, fill them with pictures and notes that make you smile.

Raising the Bar


Create a mobile bar that's perfect for every occasion. A rolling cart is a surprising essential in a backyard shed. For everyday storage, stock it with crafts supplies or gardening tools to easily move to your desired location. When the sun starts to set and your patio fills with friends, use the cart to serve up your favorite summer drinks. Keep liquor, limes, shakers, and anything else you might need on the shelves of this hardworking cart.

Take a Seat

inside of window in shed

Make your garden shed a welcoming space with seating for guests. These folding seats are so cute, and they don't take up much space. When hung on the wall, they double as magazine racks. Use one for yourself while potting plants, or bring the entire set outside for entertaining.

Of course, you don't need to have guests over to appreciate this stylish nook. Draw the curtains and open the windows for a light breeze while you enjoy a good book.

Seeing Double

shed exterior with open door

Utilize your shed exterior for entertaining and gardening alike. Door storage holds must-have gardening tools so you don't have to track mud inside to grab your gloves. When the hard work is done, keep the Dutch door open to act as a walk-up bar for serving summer sips to friends and family.

Sit and Stay Awhile


As it turns out, pillows are just as important in your garden shed as they are in your living room. Use your new crafting space to make these gorgeous oversize pillows from bright outdoor fabrics. The pillows can be used inside the shed for curling up with a book or transferred to an outdoor patio for additional party seating. Attach a rope handle to make carrying even easier.

Sunset Escape

shed exterior with open doors

Encourage outdoor entertaining by installing a paved patio in front of your backyard shed. Bring out any seats you have stored in the shed, and wheel out a bar cart, too. Consider adding string lights for evening soirees. Any room that looks this stylish, inside and out, deserves to be shared.

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