Tiny backyard greenhouses are everywhere—and for good reason. See how these cute outdoor structures can up your garden game.

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Small greenhouses add instant charm to any outdoor space. The classic glass walls and roofs create an enclosed space to keep plants safe and warm throughout the season. You can order a kit and build these structures yourself, which lowers the overall price and makes delivery a whole lot easier. Greenhouse kits can be found at many superstores or hardware stores in different styles, sizes, and finishes. Take a look at some of our favorite kits for small greenhouses.

front view greenhouse door and window open

Palram Nature Greenhouse

This free-standing greenhouse is the perfect size for any hobby outdoor gardener. The clear panels help to regulate the interior temperature, and a roof vent helps with humidity and airflow. The door can be locked, helping keep garden pests away from plants and garden supplies. The green aluminum frame is also rust-resistant.

glass greenhouse metal frame in garden
Image courtesy of Hayneedle.
| Credit: Image courtesy of Hayneedle

Palram Oasis Hex 7x8 Greenhouse

Tired of seeing greenhouses all with the same silhouette? Try this hexagonal option with the more circular look of a gazebo. Double doors lead into an open area with plenty of wall space to fill with plants. The frame is made of rust-resistant aluminum, and the base is made of sturdy galvanized steel. The window panels are made from clear polycarbonate. Louvre windows have slats that open and close for better control over temperature, air-flow, and humidity. There is also a gutter system build into the design.

Image courtesy of Walmart.
| Credit: Image courtesy of Walmart.

Janssens Junior Orangerie Greenhouse Kit

This small greenhouse kit is made with thick black aluminum framing and features Victorian-inspired metal roof cresting. Tempered glass panels keep the structure insulated and clean. The panels are also sealed with rubber to keep heat inside. Two roof windows offer ventilation and can be opened with an automatic opener. This design has a sliding glass door, large cutters, and a lipped foundation piece.

glass greenhouse natural wood frame on grass
Image courtesy of Greenhouse Megastore.
| Credit: Image courtesy of Greenhouse Megastore

Mini Sunshine Gardenhouse

This condensed greenhouse will give you the space you need without taking over the yard. Most small greenhouses in the market have metal frames, but this garden house has a natural redwood frame. The base is made of recycled plastic simulated wood and doesn’t need a foundation like some other greenhouses do. Polycarbonate panels fill in the walls, Dutch-style door, roof vents, and base vents. The vents come with an automatic opener.

Wooden greenhouse in garden
Image courtesy of Hayneedle.
| Credit: Image courtesy of Hayneedle

Outdoor Living Today Western Red Cedar Greenhouse

For a more natural look, go for a wood-framed greenhouse. This model uses Western red cedar for the framing and side paneling. While assembly is required, all of the wood pieces are precut. There is one heat-activated roof vent and a couple of lower wall vents that can be opened manually. A Dutch-style door also helps with ventilation. Inside is an L-shaped workbench, making it easy to work on and store potted plants. The framing materials come unstained, making it easy to achieve the look and color desired.

Glass greenhouse in front of trees on wooden platform
Image courtesy of Grandio Greenhouses.
| Credit: Image courtesy of Grandio Greenhouses

Grandio Element 6x4 Basic

This classic greenhouse comes with all the bells and whistles you need to get started in the garden. Besides an easy-assembly structure made from aluminum framing and polycarbonate panels, it comes with plant hangers, a trellis kit, a drip kit, and cleaner for the greenhouse. It comes with a flat-mount base kit that helps to anchor the greenhouse. There is an automatic vent opener for the roof window, and the structure is built with rain gutters. Two narrow sliding doors are easy to open and close.

sloped roof glass greenhouse metal frame
Image courtesy of The Home Depot.
| Credit: Image courtesy of Home Depot

Exaco Riga S2 Greenhouse

This hobby greenhouse has a sloped roof that makes it easy to stand up inside but keeps snow from piling up heavily on the roof in the winter. The organic lines of the roof and sides also help keep the greenhouse from blowing over in heavy winds. The heavy-duty aluminum frame comes in a silver finish. Polycarbonate panels provide great insulation in every season. This model has a large rear window, a roof window with an automatic opener, and a Dutch-style door with a lock. The kit also comes with two full-length suspended shelves.

OGrow 6x6.5 Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Polycarbonate wall and roof panels are UV-resistant and allow natural light to enter the structure without scorching plants. The silver aluminum frame of this greenhouse offers a classic look and is also rust-proof. A rooftop vent helps keep the plants inside happy and healthy, and a sliding door makes it easy to walk in and get your hands dirty.

Give these greenhouse kits a try to keep your plants safe and warm throughout the growing season. While there are many small greenhouse styles on the market, these greenhouse kits are sure to add charm and functionality to your backyard.


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