17 Shed Organization Ideas to Keep Your Outdoor Supplies Neat and Tidy

With ideas for hooks, creative shelving, potting benches, and more, these shed storage ideas will give your outdoor space a makeover.

gardening work table with pots
Photo: Marty Baldwin

An outdoor shed provides bonus storage space for your home. But keeping bulky tools and gardening pots tidy can pose a challenge. Luckily, there's no shortage of organizing tips to keep your shed in order. With ideas for hooks, creative shelving, potting benches, and more, these shed organization ideas will help you give your outdoor space a makeover.

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Utilize Drawer Organizers

gardening supply drawer with gloves and shears
Marty Baldwin

Whether your shed includes a storage cart or a workbench, you can go a step further for the ultimate organization by dividing drawers. Small items tend to get stuffed into drawers and lost over time so put a stop to it by introducing inserts. Stick with clear draw dividers and containers so you can see exactly what you have and sort like items together.

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Maximize Wall Space

shed with slim metal counter and shelves with tools and pots
Laurie Black

For an alternative shelving solution, try a wall-mounted shelf in a height, width, and depth that fits your shed. This keeps shed supplies are eye level and maximizes vertical space. Place the items you reach for rarely on higher shelves and the things you need often on the lower levels.

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Hang Shed Supplies with Hooks

gardening work table with tool hooks
Marty Baldwin

To keep hand tools in order, consider a potting bench with multiple hooks. The beauty of a hook rack is that it not only keeps small items such as shovels and trowels from getting lost, but it also keeps them sorted and in plain sight. Hang or mount a hook rack on an easy-to-reach wall, the side of a shelving unit, or off of a storage cart.

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Don't Forget About Doors

open gardening shed with wheelbarrow
Peter Krumhardt

One of the most overlooked methods of maximizing storage space is utilizing the inside of a door. Whether your shed has French doors or just one, you can take advantage of this favorite professional organizer's secret. Simply space out hooks at the top of the door and hang long-handled lawn tools such as rakes, tillers, and hoes. This way, you barely have to step foot into the shed to grab what you need.

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Use a Drying Rack

gardening work table with pots
Marty Baldwin

Not just reserved for dishes, water bottles, or cutting boards, a bamboo rack can also keep your plant saucers and drip trays in order. Use one to keep them upright and easy to grab and avoid a haphazard pile. For even more shed organization, place the rack within an open container to collect terra-cotta planters or garden tools.

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Look for Adjustable Options

double door shed with curtains and built in shelves
Adam Albright

For an even better way to organize a shed with open shelving, try a slotted rack system with flexible brackets. This allows you to adjust them however you wish, even as yours needs change over time. Corral small stuff into baskets or crates and let larger or decorative items stand alone.

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Mount a Basket

bowl of fresh strawberries in on work table
Jay Wilde

Utilize every inch of space, especially in a tiny shed, with a wall-mounted a basket or two. Hang one below a window frame or above your workspace to make it easy to organize and reach for the little things. Small hand tools, garden twine, and plant labels are kept tidy in this narrow, shallow hanging basket.

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Hang Shed Supplies

storage shed with blue patio furniture
Jay Wilde

For heftier shed supplies, like hedge trimmers or lawn chairs, use wall hooks that can withstand the weight. Look for styles that are labeled utility and have two prongs so you can confidently hang up your things and keep them from cluttering the floor. For added security, mount hooks to wall studs. As a bonus, all-weather hooks can go outside to free up even more shed space.

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Store More with Buckets

lawn seed on gardening storage shelves
Jay Wilde

There's no shortage of containers available for you to organize shed supplies. But even the inside of a shed can be exposed to the elements. Skip canvas or fabric baskets in favor of long-lasting metal bucket. They're easy to clean, keep like items together, and look stylish, too.

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Hang Pegboard

gardening work station with pegboard tool organization
Marty Baldwin

Pegboard is a classic organization tool for garages, basements, and sheds alike. This customizable solution helps you sort and store a variety of things, especially the small stuff. Seed packets sit in basket attachments, scissors and shears hang from hooks, and small planters rest comfortably on a shelf in this shed pegboard display. When working in a small space such as a shed, putting things on display not only makes finding them easier but it also prevents you from stocking up on more than you need.

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Shed Storage Cart

gardening work table with shelves of potted plants
Marty Baldwin

Organize a shed by bringing in a storage cart equipped with shelves, hooks, and drawers. Use one to create a zone for potting, DIY projects, or even outdoor toys and games. Look for one with casters so you can conveniently move it around as needed and easily clean up anything that falls below it.

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Embrace Built-Ins

storage shed built in cabinets
Jay Wilde

Not only nice to look at, built-in shelves are practical as well. If you're lucky enough to have them in your shed or want to include one in your plans, use the shelves to store small items. Ceramic pots, garden books, seeds, and accessories will stay safe on recessed shelving and double as a display in your newly organized backyard oasis.

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Repurposed Shed Storage

rake and shovel hooked to side of shed
Jay Wilde

Get inventive and recycling something sitting around your shed or found at a thrift store to use as hooks. Old outdoor spigot handles and one-of-a-kind doorknobs are just two items you can utilize to add both functionality and a charming aesthetic to your shed. Mount them to an interior wall to hang shovels, rakes, and other yard tools.

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Store Shed Supplies Overhead

overhead patio furniture cushion storage shelf
Jay Wilde

Small-shed organization is possible with a little innovation. The goal is to use any and all available space, including overhead, to store your things. Place a shelf above your shed door or window to organize bulky yet lightweight items, such as chair cushions, life vests, or pool toys.

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Add Rolling Shed Storage

shed with work table and shelves of storage
Jay Wilde

Have something heavy that you need to haul? Use labeled, lidded buckets bulk items, such as potting soil, pebbles, or mulch. Then place them on a wood dolly equipped with casters. Not only does this give the buckets an organized home in which to live, they're also a cinch to push around.

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Utilize Kitchen Storage

gardening work station with built in shelves
Laurie Black

Take another professional organizing tip from the kitchen and use a mug tree in your shed. This tall structure with multiple hooks keeps small planters in order but could also be used to hang garden gloves or small hand tools. Store it out of the way in a corner.

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Organize a She Shed

shed wooden countertop with black barstool
Adam Albright

If you're dreaming of a perfectly organized she shed where you can craft DIY projects, leave yourself a little space to work. Install a slim, wall-mounted table and include compact seating. A stool can easily tuck away when not in use. Include office organizers to keep supplies neat.

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