Shed Ideas

Sheds offer outdoor storage and an attractive focal point for your yard.

New England-style Shed

Nestled into a wooded backyard, this New England-style shed offers ample storage space for garden tools and lawn equipment. Double doors accommodate large equipment, such as a riding mower. The eight-paned glass side windows allow natural light inside, so the shed could also double as a workshop or teahouse. The exterior color, a soft gray, helps this small building be an asset to the landscape, without calling attention to itself.

Storybook Shed

Sheds can be hardworking and pretty--and here's an example. Teal accents against a chocolate-brown exterior add a storybook cuteness accentuated by the architectural details of shutters, a window box, and cupola. A ramp leading to the door allows for easy storage of lawnmowers, garden carts, or fertilizer spreaders.

Copy Cat Shed

A farmhouse and its front-yard shed have some architectural fun. The shed is a scaled-down replica of the house. The tradition of building a whimsical building, sometimes called a folly, on your property dates back to the 19th century. Yet a small building like this can serve endless uses: child's playhouse, storage shed, garden potting shed, or outdoor living area.

Maple-Sugaring Shed

Small buildings can take on all sorts of uses. This newly built maple-sugaring shed features four front-facing windows to provide natural light for working inside. Double doors allow garden cart or wheelbarrow entry. The wooded area around the shed was carefully cleared and leveled before construction began. Landscaping with low-growing shrubs will be the final step to gracefully incorporate the shed into the yard. The exterior is water-sealed wood, which requires occasional resealing but otherwise is nearly care free.

Waterside Shed

Thanks to clever siting, this shed serves three purposes: its porch offers a great view of the water; the structure adds a cabin-on-a-lake appeal to a small pond; and the small space inside is used to store fishing, swimming, and canoeing gear. Window boxes make it look more like a little cabin than a shed.

Shed on a Slope

You don't need entirely level ground in order to enjoy the charms of a shed. Although skid foundations are limited to level ground, you can stack blocks to cope with moderate grade changes. This shed features eight-paned windows and a double door.

Lakeside Shed

Perched on a picturesque shoreline, this lakeside shed stows boating and fishing gear. Although small, it features many classic architectural details, such as a Dutch door, six-paned window with shutters, a window box planted with flowers, and a cupola. Sheds take on multiple purposes as both storage buildings and decorative additions to a property.

Board-and-Batten Shed

This lovely little mini cottage started life as a stock storage shed kit. Now a hobbyist retreat, the tiny building features board-and-batten siding, architectural shingles, and copper flashing that directs rainwater away from the door below. The slightly raised roof gives the shed a dormered appearance.

Firewood Storage Shed

What an attractive way to store logs for the fireplace! This wood shed measures 10x4 feet and features a classic saltbox roof design. The rearward slope directs most of the rain and snow to the ground behind the shed, keeping the logs dry. Situated at the edge of the lot, this shed backs to the woods so the owner doesn't have to transport heavy rounds of unsplit wood across the yard.

Mega-Storage Shed

No matter what type of lawn and garden equipment you have, you can stow it in style in an outdoor shed. This storage shed features shelves, tool hangers, and floor space for work or storage. Windows usher in plenty of light and a flower-packed window box makes it pretty. The surrounding decking allows a spot to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your gardening labors.

Recycled-Lumber Shed

Fashioned from recycled lumber, this small shed spans a stone pathway, and provides tool storage inside. A small potting bench fills one wall. Small sheds can provide ample outdoor storage as well as crate an attractive focal point for your yard or garden.

Garden Tool Shed

Reminiscent of the classic outhouse, this small-space shed features a jaunty roof of recycled corrugated metal. Inside hand tools are lined up against the walls. Small sheds are like outdoor closets and can store anything you might need to use in the yard, such as tools, hoses, or pool chemicals.

Garbage Can Storage Shed

A shed in the backyard can hide all sorts of unattractive things--in this case, the family garbage cans are stowed in the gable end. Constructed of durable materials used by classic rural American buildings--corrugated, galvanized sheet steel walls; lattice doors; and a cedar shake roof--it is essentially maintenance free. A side trellis supports a porcelain berry vine.

Backyard Cottage-Style Shed

A blue-and-white storage shed features cottage-cute architectural details: a copper-topped cupola, cedar shingles, oversized multipaned window, a flower-packed window box, and a trellis. Some homeowners use small sheds as home offices or spare bedrooms.

Barn-Style Shed

A backyard shed rendered in traditional barn style is dressed in a crisp, two-tone paint scheme. Serving as a backyard focal point, the area around the shed is paved with flagstones for a private outdoor seating area. Stone walls contribute to the shed's New England flavor and provide a sense of enclosure and privacy.

Rustic Shed

A rustic wood shed offers more than storage in this backyard--it's also a landscape element. The building was placed on a crushed-gravel pad that was extended around the base of the building. The gravel looks great, but also has a practical purpose: It prevents mud from splashing up and soiling the siding during heavy rains.

Cedar Shed

This 8x10-foot cedar shed fits snugly in a small clearing in a corner of the yard. The walkway and ramp allow easy storage of wheeled equipment, such as mowers and wheelbarrows. Easy-care cedar exterior stands up to all weather. Keep trees or shrubs from overhanging the shed because good air circulation is an excellent antidote to dampness and rot.

Red Wooden Shed

If you're looking for an attractive focal point for your yard, try a little barn-red shed. A wooden ramp allows easy storage of wheeled tools. The above-door windows provide light while ensuring privacy and security. Double doors for utility sheds are a must because they accommodate large items such as riding lawnmowers or kayaks.

Well-Landscaped Shed

How do you turn a shed into a beautiful part of your landscape? Add plantings around it. Here a shed features flower-packed window boxes as well as a garden with birdbath in the front. A small perennial garden is easy to maintain and adds cottage-garden appeal to a plain-Jane shed.

Driveway Shed

If your driveway sweeps directly into your garage, you might consider a shed on the side for added storage and utility. A stone walkway with cobble edging makes easy and attractive access. Add low-maintenance groundcovers around it and you'll never have to mow. If a shed is close to the house, consider adding electricity--lights aid in after-dark storage or retrieval of items.

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