How to Landscape Around a Shed So It Blends in with Your Yard

Make a standout shed blend in with its surroundings with these smart landscaping and outdoor decor tips.

Say hello to your new summer hangout. This chic she shed is perfect for hosting a garden party, storing outdoor supplies, and enjoying the summer sun. We've got everything you need to DIY a she shed for your own yard, including how to style the exterior so it blends with the existing landscape.

We've all seen backyards where the garden shed sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe it's the wrong color or style, or perhaps the shed is in need of repair. Help your garden shed stand out in a good way with these clever tricks, like adding exterior lights and repurposing rustic materials.

Create Camouflage

shed exterior with open door

The easiest way to integrate a garden shed into your landscape is to work with the yard's existing features. Start by placing the shed in a logical spot—next to a garden or in a back corner of your yard. You want your shed to be accessible but not too close to the house. Next, camouflage the shed's base with small trees, shrubs, and planters. Greenery will help your shed blend with its surroundings.

Repurposed Gardening

flower box

Giant planter boxes look pretty anywhere, but they work especially well next to a garden shed. Galvanized troughs filled to the brim with flowers and shrubs help further integrate the shed into the landscape. Plus, their close proximity to the shed's stash of garden tools make these planters easy to care for. For added fun, plant containers with fresh herbs and produce. Then, when you go to mix a drink, you'll have garden-fresh garnishes at your fingertips.

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Pave the Way

potted plants

Create a pathway to your outdoor shed using pavers. Pavers embedded in gravel or stones give your shed a simple surround and a no-fuss patio. If you use pavers elsewhere in the landscape, use a similar shape, size, and color to tie the spaces together. Or play off colors found on your home's exterior. Add a few pieces of patio furniture in similar shades and styles to complete the look.

Updated Exterior

window box

Darling window boxes give the shed facade a facelift. Rustic boxes help break up the shed's exterior wall color and add a dash of old-school charm. Attach each box to industrial pipes with a length of durable rope. These materials are cost-effective and add a dose of farmhouse style. Window boxes can also bring seasonal charm to your shed. Plant fresh blooms in the spring and summer, then switch to frost-tolerant foliage in the fall and evergreen in winter.

More to See

shed exterior front door

Exterior lighting is a must-have for any garden shed. It keeps you from getting lost in the dark, and also serves as a welcoming beacon in the backyard. Opt for solar-powered sconces at every entry point, or line the shed's perimeter with traditional solar lights. If you'd rather have access to electrical power, consider the location of your shed before building. It's easier to play off of existing outdoor outlets than to lay cables for new ones.

Expect to Entertain


A she shed is the perfect gathering spot for an outdoor party. Keep the fun going all night long by hanging string lights on the exterior, or connecting them from the shed to a patio, pergola, or swing set. For the easiest outdoor lighting solution, opt for solar- or battery-powered lights.

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