Utilize every nook and cranny of your outdoor shed with these brilliant storage ideas.

June 08, 2017

Your shed is already a hardworking space. But with so much to store throughout the changing seasons, things can get a little crowded. Check out these smart tips for storing more in your outdoor shed. You will cut down on clutter and might even find room for some stylish decor! Get inspired by our favorite storage tips below.

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Grand Entrance

The wall adjacent to shed doors is often neglected when it comes to storage. Maximize every inch of space by installing adjustable shelving on either side of the door. Move them to make room for items both tall and short.

Also take advantage of the large surface area on the inside of your shed doors. A simple suspension rod turns a supporting door brace into a functional shelf. Use the shallow ledge to store extra gardening tools. This is also a great place to store small toys that the kids can reach themselves without climbing on potential hazards.

Get Hooked

Hooks aren't just a place to hang your hat and coat (though they serve that function here, too). Use hooks to hang awkward items that don't fit well on a shelf, such as these DIY garden stools. While in use, the seats relieve pressure from your knees after bending down in the garden all day, but when folded up, they slip easily into place on wall hooks. This storage solution takes advantage of empty wall space and even provides a sweet spot to store your favorite gardening magazines.

Table Transformation

Turn your shed into the ideal work space by adding a slim yet functional tabletop. This collapsible work table stretches across the length of a shed and, thanks to swinging brackets, is able to tuck out of the way when you're hauling large items into storage. While the table is in use, a metal container corrals plants and notebooks to alleviate clutter. Remember to include a small stool to perch on while you're working!

Window Display

If you're searching for inspiration to decorate your shed interior, look up! Storage can be added from the floor all the way up the the ceiling by utilizing the cubbies above windows and doors. Fill them with favorite memories or seasonal garden supplies that aren't used frequently.

Wine Not?

You never know when an impromptu party will take place on your patio. Be ready with this fully stocked bar cart tucked away in your outdoor shed. Complete with bottles, glassware, and serving utensils, your guests will be impressed with your quick ability to get the party started. Not fond of entertaining? Stock a bar cart with traditional gardening supplies like pots, soil, and hand tools for a mobile potting station. The wheels on this cart make it easy to move throughout your shed to make way for larger storage items when needed.

Stuck on You

It's all about the details when making the most of a small storage space. In this swinging shed door, a magnetic panel works to hold important notes about your plants or garden plans. An added dowel or tension rod is an easy way to turn a shallow shelf into a working space that props up spare tools and books.

Comments (4)

November 12, 2018
I could see how I could use the space by the door for small seed storage or small tools as shown. I could have a bench and still have a wall for hanging my bigger tools. I really like the idea of small space saving. Thankyou.
November 10, 2018
If I even try to make my shed/work shop this pretty, I won't have time to do all the back breaking yard work I do every week/5 days every summer here in Florida. But it is all so very beautiful.
November 10, 2018
Yeah, but I'm looking for a shed and this looks like a playhouse. I need to store long handle tools, clippers, rototiller, leaf blower backpack, wagon, wheelbarrow, bags of soil, fertilizer, and chicken coop supplies. It won't look pretty just functional, and I'll keep my books and "pretties" inside.
September 24, 2018
Very pretty but not much room left for gardening supplies