Garden Shed Ideas

A shed is the perfect catchall for tools, equipment, and gardening supplies. Get inspired to build a shed in your backyard with these great ideas.

Formal Garden Potting Shed

If you love to garden, a potting shed is a must. And to make your garden and potting shed work together, match the style of the building to the type of garden. For example, here a formal public garden features an oversized potting shed that's large enough for storage of all garden tools and supplies. Attractive paned-glass windows make this building feel like a small cottage. And the surrounding plantings incorporate it into the landscape.

Sun-Loving Shed

This do-it-yourself shed uses a 12/12 pitch glazed roof designed to face south for maximum light and solar heat gain. This panelized "sun shed" features ample room for several gardeners to work at once, a potting bench, and space for starting flats of seedlings. A flagstone walkway and raised beds on the sunny south side further warm the spot.

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Trimmed-Out Potting Shed

It looks like a tiny house! This elegant garden shed can serve many backyard purposes: potting shed, studio, office, retreat, guest cottage, pool cabana, or storage shed. Installed on a concrete foundation, it features a beautiful mix of architectural details: portico with arch-top window, white shutters, and a cupola. A shed can be used as a garden focal point and to block an unattractive view.

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Cedar-Shingled Garden Shed

A beautiful architectural landscaping element, this garden shed offers loads of charm with its bracketed, overhanging roof; cedar shingles; and white-painted trim and trellis. It's practical, too. It features two separate rooms with storage on the left and a potting area on the right.

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Vegetable-Garden Shed

Situated on a south slope, this shed protects the intensively planted raised bed of vegetables from cold north winds. A shed can create a warm area--called a microclimate--by reflecting sunlight and holding heat in its masonry foundation. The result is a growing area that's productive weeks longer than other areas of the garden. The skylights are constructed of ¼-inch-thick laminated glass with cedar trim.

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Window-Frame-Roofed Shed

Let the sun shine in! This garden shed features a roof made from a collection of wood-framed windows pieced together like a puzzle. The lower walls are clad in clapboard siding. The result is a bright and beautiful place to work on the inside--and a beautiful garden structure from the outside. Vines scrambling along the eaves add vertical foliage and flowers. Acrylic panels cut to size form the angular windows of the gables. A system of levers and handles allows the gardener to open the top windows for ventilation.

Garden Shed with Front Porch

A garden shed with a front porch add-on provides a great place to work and relax. The exterior of this wooden shed features faux-slate roofing, gunmetal gray paint, and a cheery, bright brick red door. The small porch features decorative turned spindles and a railing. Wrought-iron flowerpots adorn a bank of windows.

New England-Style Barn Shed

Inspired by the architecture of a traditional New England barn, this shed features board-and-batten construction. The double door allows storage of large equipment, such as riding lawn mowers and snow blowers. Decorative trellises flank the entry door, and window boxes beneath each of four symmetrically placed windows dress up the shed.

Victorian-Style Garden Shed

Six curved-glass windows offer a sunny view from inside this Victorian garden shed. Surrounded by antique paving bricks, a 19th-century wrought-iron fence, and a vintage street lamp, this showy shed is a beautiful architectural focal point. Band-sawn corbels bracket the roof's handsome overhang; turned finials make the building seem to drip with ornamentation. A Victorian-inspired, three-color paint treatment adds to the eye-catching appeal of this pretty potting shed.

Cottage-Style Garden Shed

Painted crisp white, this cottage-style potting shed features a cozy front porch and beautiful flower-flanked stone walkway. Stained lattice hides the footings beneath the porch. A salvaged, natural multipaned entry door allows light inside the shed. Solar-powered pendant lights shine the way after dusk. Other cottagey features include a metal roof, window boxes, and tilt-out windows.

Quick-and-Paintless Garden Shed

This combination potting and storage shed was built from a kit in less than a day. Preassembled wall and roof panels were shipped as a compact, palletized package, and then fastened together with a power screwdriver and a few common hand tools. The cedar exterior can be stained or left to weather; either way, the material requires less work to finish and maintain than painted structures. This shed is positioned at the intersection of the home's backyard play area and side-yard garden. The entry door opens to the backyard, making the shed convenient for storing large yard toys. Corner windows offer views of both yards, so a potting parent can simultaneously keep and eye on the kids and enjoy garden views.

Well-Placed Shed

When you site a shed, take into consideration how you plan to use it. If it's a potting shed, it should be sited near the garden. If it's a storage shed, as the one in this photo, it can be located at the far end of your yard. Siting your shed in line with a fence makes a nice composition as well as being practical. You can drive right up to it to unload supplies.

Slope Garden Shed

When you are building on a slope, consider the distance from the building's entry door to the ground. Here, a storage shed's door is located on the side of the building nearest the ground to facilitate moving items in and out. A short ramp, yet to be built, will allow drive-in access for a garden tractor. Double doors allow storage of large items. Paned windows provide natural light for indoor potting projects.

Garden Shed

Right in the center of things, this garden shed is an important part of the garden plan. Architectural elements, such as lattice fencing, a fountain, and pergola, flank the shed. Used as a potting shed and for tool storage, this small building anchors the entire garden.

Outdoor Room Garden Shed

A backyard outdoor room, complete with zigzagging wooden walkways and lush gardens, also features a greenhouse/potting shed with glass panes and a brick floor. Greenhouses can be equipped with vents that open and close to adjust the temperature inside for plants and people.

Recycled Window Greenhouse

Why not recycle assorted windows into a unique potting shed or greenhouse? Although the structure here was designed around the window's dimensions, you could achieve the same look by adapting the idea to an existing structure. The result is a low-cost, roomy potting shed that doubles as a greenhouse and has the look of an old-fashioned conservatory. Surrounded by a white picket fence, this garden oozes country-cottage charm.

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