6 Ways to Deck Out Your She Shed for a Pretty Backyard Retreat

Craving a space to call your own? Create a one-of-a-kind she shed designed with both function and fashion in mind.

Everyone longs for a place to get away from it all, a serene space where you can read, make a mess, get creative, or gather with friends. Stop daydreaming and start living the dream with your own custom she shed.

She sheds—outdoor garden sheds designed with relaxation and creativity in mind—continue to grow in popularity, and the possibilities for customization are endless. With the right upgrades, nearly any outdoor shed can become a she shed.

yellow she shed exterior with open door
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Build your own cheery retreat just a few steps away from home. This backyard getaway features a welcoming landscaped exterior, breeze-loving windows, comfy seating, and space-saving yet functional interior details to promote relaxation and creativity. An empty garden shed can easily become a pretty oasis by adding a paver patio, installing lights both inside and out, and embellishing doors with metal sheeting. Take a cue from these top design solutions to build a she shed perfectly suited for your hobbies.

inside of shed with hanging chair, guitar, and rolling cart
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1. Customize a Store-Bought Shed

Built in collaboration with Classic Buildings, a custom shed builder based in Kansas City, Missouri, this DIY she shed was customized to fit the homeowner's lot. Door and window placements were adjusted, and ceiling, wall, and floor materials were upgraded.

Once you've completed your custom she shed design, add some personality with colorful accessories and accents. In this shed, moisture-resistant gypsum board and a dreamy painted watercolor effect create an interior focal wall. The graphic wall treatment highlights embroidered artwork, a cozy hanging rattan chair, and party essentials stowed on a portable bar cart.

art counter inside she shed
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2. Optimize Storage Space

A she shed wouldn't be complete without the necessary storage. Utilize the nooks and crannies of your shed to display accents, photographs, and plants. Custom bookshelves, which can be removed and adjusted to fit the height of your favorite accessories, play a part in transforming this 10x12 she shed into a playful yet practical getaway.

fold out seating inside she shed
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3. Incorporate Multifunctional Furniture

You don't need to be an expert craftsman to turn an ordinary garden shed into a creative outdoor room. The projects featured in this she shed—including an industrial bar cart, no-sew valances, go-anywhere seating, and a collapsible desk—rely on basic home center staples like paint, drywall, iron pipe, and nominal lumber. A few splurges, like patterned outdoor fabrics, make the space feel like a home away from home. Many of the furnishings pull double duty—collapsible camp stools that work as seating or a side table; a desk that hides away when floor space is needed—to utilize the small footprint of the shed.

she shed book doors curtains shelves flowers baskets clock striped floor
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4. Embrace the Outdoors

Keep your she shed breezy by adding large French doors that swing open. This will make the space feel much larger and open to nature. Adding screen doors or curtains allows fresh air into your she shed but keeps out unwanted bugs. Further utilize shed doors by outfitting them with storage. A simple wood dowel makes use of the niches in this shed door.

gardening equipment storage magnets door gloves books
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5. Organize Garden Essentials

Think outside the box when it comes to storing garden tools. A dowel turns this Dutch door into a tidy spot for hand tools and garden books. Magnetic metal sheets make it easy to showcase art, store seed packets, or keep instructions handy.

open window into yellow she shed
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6. Add Landscaping

Boost your she shed's versatility by developing the surrounding yard as additional living space. A paver-and-pebble patio, borders and steps made of Belgian pavers, and galvanized tubs filled with flowers and edibles complete the look. Time to gather a few friends and celebrate your DIY she shed!

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