The 10 Best Outdoor Sheds to Keep Your Backyard Organized

Store the essentials with the Suncast Tremont Resin Storage Shed.

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Storage Shed
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Whether you're an avid gardener or have pool floats laying around, the best storage sheds make for clean and easily managed spaces that'll easily store large items that just don't fit in your home or garage.

"Sturdy, weatherproof items are the best candidates for storage in uninsulated sheds," says Kevin Lenhart, landscape architect and design director at Yardzen.

With so many shed styles to choose from, knowing which is the best storage shed for your yard is no easy task. To help you decide, we researched the best storage sheds out there, keeping in mind each pick's size, style, material, and storage capacity. We also talked with a landscape architect.

Here are the best outdoor sheds.

Best Overall

Suncast Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed

Suncast Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed


Why You Should Get It: The spacious shed has plenty of ventilation and a strong structure.

Keep in Mind: Installation requires three people and will take just under five hours.

The best outdoor storage shed is Suncast's Tremont model, which offers 574 cubic feet of storage space. The shed provides plenty of room for all kinds of tools and equipment.

The structure itself is made of multi-wall resin panels that are engineered to stand up to harsh weather. It also has a metal-reinforced roof, so your belongings will be protected from water and UV damage as well. Plus, the reinforced resin floors won't buckle underneath the weight of your lawnmower.

There are six skylights as well as windows on the doors to make it easy to find whatever you're looking for. Two corner shelves are also included, which will help to keep small things, like watering cans and gardening tools, organized. Plus, it features built-in ventilation so you won't have to worry about the items getting musty over time.

Price at time of publish: $1,884

Product Details:

Material: Resin | Dimensions: 100.5 x 122.25 x 103 inches | Storage Capacity: 574 cubic feet

Best Resin

Keter Manor Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Kit

Keter Manor Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Kit


Why You Should Get It: The shed is offered in two sizes and has a stylish look that'll look nice in an outdoor space.

Keep in Mind: When assembling, the roof needs to slide into a specific groove, which can be particularly challenging.

Keter has solid brand recognition among outdoor pros, and if you're looking for a plastic model, its Manor style is the best outdoor storage shed worth considering. The shed is offered in two sizes, each of which is made of durable resin plastic.

The outdoor storage shed is made with steel reinforcement for durability yet its gray and white wood-like texture offers visual appeal to your outdoor space. A window and skylight let in light so you can see inside, while a vent at the top keeps air flowing. A heavy-duty polypropylene floor keeps pests out and the shed's contents elevated, avoiding the moisture of a dirt floor.

Price at time of publish: $599

Product Details:

Material: Resin | Dimensions: From 51.2 x 75.6 x 78 inches | Storage Capacity: From 131.8 cubic feet

Best Wooden

Heartland Hillsdale Gable Storage Shed

Heartland Hillsdale Gable Storage Shed


Why You Should Get It: This attractive wooden shed includes a floor and has an extra-convenient door setup for storing large equipment. Plus, it has customizable window and door placement.

Keep in Mind: It's on the larger side, so it may not fit in every outdoor space.

Heartland's sheds in general are known for their quality and durability. If you're in the market for a wooden design, however, the best outdoor shed is their Hillsdale Gable model. The shed has a convenient multi-door setup, which includes extra-wide double doors on one side that'll fit lawnmowers and bicycles, while a smaller side door keeps traffic flow simple.

Two windows mean that you get plenty of light for digging out that hard-to-find watering can or setting up a workbench in the corner. Even better, you can choose your door and window placement when you assemble the shed.

Two gable vents assist with ventilation, which is especially important with the wood siding of this model. The heavy-duty construction should stand firm in the face of wind and snow, and the wood is treated and engineered to avoid warping or element damage. Feel free to paint this outdoor shed to match your garden's color scheme.

Price at time of publish: $2,659

Product Details:

Material: Engineered wood | Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 9.5 feet | Storage Capacity: 780 cubic feet

Best Metal

U-Max Outdoor Metal Storage Shed with Single Lockable Door

U-Max Metal Storage Shed


Why You Should Get It: The model has a thick, sturdy steel frame. Plus, it comes in four sizes, all of which are easy to assemble.

Keep in Mind: The slant of the roof only goes one way, so you'll want to make sure that works with where you want to position it.

If you'd prefer a metal option, the U-Max Metal Storage Shed is the best outdoor shed worth considering. It's available in four sizes, making it suitable for tool and equipment collections of any size. If you have bigger equipment to store, the larger sizes have a double door, rather than a single door, for ease of entry and exit.

The shed is made with a thick, galvanized steel construction that is easy to assemble. Rainwater will run right off the sloped roof without sneaking in between the tightly connected pieces, so your stored items are sure to be protected. Plus, it's equipped with a latch for added security.

Price at time of publish: $150

Product Details:

Material: Galvanized steel and polypropylene | Dimensions: 101.2 x 71.4 x 77.2 inches | Storage Capacity: Not listed

Best Small

Suncast Outdoor Vanilla Vertical Tool Shed

gray vertical tool shed


Why You Should Get It: The outdoor storage shed won't take up much room but can still store ladders, shovels, and other larger pieces.

Keep in Mind: Though it can support a wooden shelf, you'll have to purchase it yourself at an additional cost.

The Suncast Vanilla Vertical Tool Shed is a great model if you have a small outdoor space or just don't want a large shed in your backyard. At less than 3 feet wide and with 22 cubic feet of storage, it won't fit a lawnmower but will do the job if you need to store gardening tools or sports equipment.

The shed comes in two colors and is made with multi-wall resin construction that should hold firm against any inclement weather, meaning you won't have to worry about your stored items. The shed requires minimal tools to put together and is easy to clean, too, so you'll be able to keep it in good condition. There are also supports to add a shelf if you so choose, but keep in mind you'll have to purchase the shelf separately at an additional cost.

Price at time of publish: $263

Product Details:

Material: Resin | Dimensions: 32.25 x 67.5 x 72 inches | Storage Capacity: 22 cubic feet

Best Narrow

Outdoor Living Today Spacesaver Western Red Cedar Double Door Storage Shed

Spacesaver Storage Shed

Home Depot

Why You Should Get It: The shed is made of cedar, a naturally durable wood that's ideal for outdoor furniture and storage.

Keep in Mind: There aren't any premade ventilation cutouts, so you'll have to be careful with potential moisture buildup.

For a smaller wood option, the Outdoor Living Today Spacesaver Storage Shed is the best outdoor shed. Though it only measures 8 x 4 feet, it still has a 258 cubic feet of storage capacity and offers a double-door entry for easy access.

The lean-to design makes it easy to find a place for it in your outdoor design as it'll easily fit against a fence or wall. Its red cedar construction, including the siding, joists, and shingles, is naturally resistant to decay and insects as well, so you won't have to worry about any damage over time. Just keep in mind that you'll need to watch out for any potential moisture buildup as it doesn't have any built-in ventilation.

Price at time of publish: $3,399

Product Details:

Material: Western red cedar | Dimensions: 97.5 x 45.5 x 96 inches | Storage Capacity: 258 cubic feet

Best Oversized

Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters

Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed with Shutters

Courtesy of Amazon

Why You Should Get It: You'll be able to store just about anything thanks to an impressive amount of space that also includes thoughtful features for light, ventilation, and organization.

Keep in Mind: This shed has a lot of components—make sure you follow the instructions carefully.

If you're looking for both a thoughtful design and large square footage, the Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed is for you. At 15 x 8 feet, it approaches tiny house territory and can store a variety of garden tools and equipment in your outdoor space.

On the outside, the shed is made of dual-wall, UV-protected high density polyethylene with steel supports. The double-wall system is highly durable and is especially good at keeping the elements out.

Screened vents allow for airflow, while two shatterproof windows and six skylights keep the shed bright so you can see all your stored items. To help with your organizational needs, the shed comes with adjustable shelving and two peg strips, which are helpful for hanging longer-handled tools.

Price at time of publish: $2,447

Product Details:

Material: High-density polyethylene | Dimensions: 180 x 96 x 10.8 inches | Storage Capacity: Not listed

Easiest Assembly

Rubbermaid 7x7 Storage Shed


Courtesy of Home Depot

Why You Should Get It: The shed comes with clear and easy attachment points and fewer parts to make sure this well-designed shed is as easy to build as possible.

Keep in Mind: These materials aren't designed to stand up to heavy winds, so it's not ideal for those living in a windy climate.

The best outdoor shed that's easy to assemble and organize is the Rubbermaid 7x7 Storage Shed. The shed was intentionally designed with only a few parts to assemble, and it includes clear and easy-to-use attachment points that'll ensure the shed is ready to use in no time.

Once it's built, it's compatible with a range of Rubbermaid accessories to help you stay organized. The outdoor shed has a durable resin construction that won't deteriorate over time. When it comes to protection from the elements, you'll appreciate that the roof can handle up to 15 pounds per square foot of snow (or other debris) and that the shed has a built-in rain gutter and increased ventilation.

Keep in mind, though, that the shed isn't rated for wind resistance, so you'll want to place this shed in a more protected area of your yard.

Price at time of publish: $1,099

Product Details:

Material: Resin | Dimensions: 85.7 x 86.5 x 100.5 inches | Storage Capacity: 428 cubic feet

Best for Garden Tools

Craftsman Gable Resin Storage Shed

Craftsman Gable Resin Storage Shed


Why You Should Get It: The shed is compatible with Craftsman's VersaTrack system, which mounts to shed walls to offer more storage.

Keep in Mind: You can padlock this shed, but it doesn't include one. You'll have to purchase a padlock at an additional cost.

Craftsman's 7x7 Resin Storage Shed is the best outdoor shed for storing tools, bicycles, lawnmowers, and other gardening equipment. The shed is compatible with the brand's VersaTrack system, a collection of brackets, baskets, shelves, and more that'll allow you to curate the type of storage you want your shed to have.

Both the walls and floor are made of resin, with multi-wall panel construction and metal reinforcement on the walls to make sure both the elements and local fauna stay out. If you need power inside your shed, there is a panel that allows an electrical cord to pass through, so you can plug in tools and charging ports. Assembly is fairly easy as well, with minimal tools needed.

Price at time of publish: $999

Product Details:

Material: Resin | Dimensions: 7 x 7 x 8 feet | Storage Capacity: 327 cubic feet

Best With Windows

Keter Factor Large Resin Outdoor Shed

Keter Factor Large Resin Outdoor Shed


Why You Should Get It: The shed includes two shelves and adjustable brackets, so you won't have to purchase them separately.

Keep in Mind: The manufacturer recommends creating a foundation or base for this shed to rest on.

The Keter Factor Outdoor Shed features both windows and a skylight, bringing plenty of natural light into the space. The outdoor shed has a storage capacity of 285 cubic feet and includes two shelves and adjustable brackets, so you'll be able to organize your items easily.

The shed is made of durable resin and features double doors, which means items (and you) can go in and out with ease. In addition to a skylight, there's also a fixed window on one side which allows you to double check if you put something away without having to open the whole shed. And, since it's located on the side as opposed to the front, guests won't be able to easily see what's inside as they walk by, so you won't have to worry about any unorganized items.

Keep in mind, though, that you'll want to have materials on hand to build a foundation or base for the shed before assembling it, according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Price at time of publish: $1,099

Product Details:

Material: Resin | Dimensions: 101 x 71.5 x 95.5 inches | Storage Capacity: 285 cubic feet

The Bottom Line

Overall, we recommend the Suncast Tremont Resin Storage Shed for its combination of durable construction, built-in shelves, multiple skylights and high storage capacity. Plus, you're sure to appreciate the built-in ventilation that'll keep your stored items from getting musty.

What to Know About Outdoor Sheds Before Shopping


Sheds are offered in a variety of materials, like plastic, metal, and wood, each of which offers its own benefits. Metal and vinyl will resist weathering, but can potentially rust and develop leaks. If you opt for wood instead, you'll want to go with wood types, like cedar, that are naturally durable and resistant to insects.


The climate created inside a shed is one of the most important factors to consider, according to Lenhart. "A dry, well-ventilated space with stable temperatures is ideal for storage and can be achieved with any common shed material so long as the shed is well-built and well-maintained," he says.

All our chosen sheds have at least one designated vent for keeping humidity levels down. However, you should think about your climate. If you live somewhere sunny and hot, wood or lower-quality plastic may deteriorate more quickly; if your area gets a lot of rain, metal may be at increased risk of rusting.

Door Type

Depending on what you're planning to store inside your outdoor shed, the door style is an important detail to consider. All the sheds on this list have door handles that are lockable from the outside to keep your belongings safe. If you're storing larger yard appliances, consider options that have a double door or multi-door design. The larger the doorway, the easier it will be to wrangle items into and out of the shed when you need them.

Storage Capacity and Needs

While you shop, consider what exactly you're going to be storing. Does your ride-on mower need an outdoor shed of its own, or are you simply looking for a home for your rake and some extra patio tiles? If you have smaller items, look for a shed that will let you create an organization system or hang shelves. If you're storing larger tools, you'll want fewer shelves to give you more maneuverability.

Keep in mind that just because a shed is waterproof that doesn't mean it won't still get moist in there. Outdoor sheds are also much more likely to be exposed to extreme heat and cold than indoor storage. That means don't store anything made of paper, like photos or important documents, that may be susceptible to moisture damage in an outdoor shed. This also goes for electronics and fabrics as well. Anything temperature-sensitive, whether that's chemical solutions, musical instruments, or wine, should also be kept in a better-controlled environment, such as inside your house.

Overall, what you'll need to store and the size of your outdoor space will determine what storage capacity is best for you. For reference, outdoor sheds tend to have a storage capacity between 20 and 700 cubic feet, so you'll have plenty of options.

Your Questions, Answered

How important is ventilation in an outdoor storage shed?

When choosing the best outdoor shed for you, it's worth noting if the model has any built-in ventilation systems that'll help protect your items. Proper ventilation will keep humidity down and reduce the harmful side effects of excess moisture, like rust and mold or mildew.

"The presence of moisture and leaks, the quality of ventilation, and the degree to which temperatures fluctuate are the biggest factors affecting the storage environment," Lenhart says.

How do you level your foundation for an outdoor storage shed?

According to Lenhart, creating a level foundation is fairly simple. Start by assembling, securing, and leveling a pressure-treated wood frame. Then, fill the frame with concrete or gravel and tamp or screed it to the leveled edges.

Can you paint a metal storage shed?

Yes, as long as you use the right kind of paint. Look for an exterior paint that is designed for use on metal. In fact, Lenhart even recommends giving your shed a fresh coat—painting your metal shed will help increase its rust resistance and make it look more cohesive with your yard design. Choose a color that goes with your yard's other painted features to make it feel more integrated with the rest of the space.

What's the most durable kind of shed?

When choosing a shed, Lenhart recommends investing in high-quality materials. Though there are many types, he says metal or high-quality composite are likely to last you the longest.

"In terms of both durability and the quality of the storage environment, you tend to get what you pay for," Lenhart says.

Who We Are

Rena Behar is a freelance writer for Better Homes & Gardens. To make this list of the best outdoor sheds, she considered each pick's material, size, style, and storage capacity. She also consulted Kevin Lenhart, landscape architect and design director at Yardzen.

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