6 Best Garden Shed Kits You Can Buy Online and Assemble Yourself

Build your own outdoor storage unit or studio with these top-rated DIY garden sheds.

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A garden shed adds practical storage and an attractive focal point to your backyard. This structure can provide a handy spot to stash gardening tools, lawn care equipment, outdoor furniture, and other items that might otherwise take up valuable space in your garage or basement. Beyond storage, you can also use a garden shed as a potting station—or turn it into your own serene she shed.

Designing and constructing a shed from scratch can be a complicated process, but garden shed kits make it easy to build your own without having to measure and cut all the materials yourself. These DIY garden sheds are available in a wide range of materials, sizes, and layouts, and you can often customize features like windows, doors, storage areas, paint colors, and other style elements.

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Before purchasing a garden shed kit, make sure to consult your local building codes. You might need to acquire a permit before you start building or follow certain guidelines on the shed's size, location, type of foundation, and more.

Tips for Choosing the Best Garden Shed Kit

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right garden shed for your needs. Most garden shed kits are made of plastic, wood, or metal. In general, plastic sheds, which can be made of resin or vinyl, are lightweight, weather-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain. Wood garden sheds offer more customization and a sturdy, durable structure, but they tend to cost more and require occasional upkeep to maintain the finish. Metal shed kits are one of the most cost-effective options and require little maintenance, but they might be flimsier than other types and prone to rust or leaks.

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Size is another important consideration when purchasing a garden shed kit. The average dimensions range from as little as 4x4 feet to 10x12 feet or larger. Research the different types of garden sheds to determine how you plan to use the shed and what you need to store to help guide your decision. A push mower and a small collection of garden gear will likely fit inside a 6-foot-square shed, for example, but you'll need a much bigger structure if you have a riding lawn mower and several other types of equipment to store.

Check out our picks for the best garden shed kits to find a structure that works for your backyard.

Best Small Garden Shed Kit

Keter Manor Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Kit



Resin plastic walls reinforced with steel make this garden shed waterproof and resistant to all types of weather, including harsh UV rays. The long-lasting material won't peel, rust, rot, or dent, and the gray finish doesn't require repainting. The shed measures 4x6 feet and features a front door, one fixed window, and a vent at the top for air flow. This shed is great for smaller backyards, and you can easily make it blend well with your landscaping in your yard.

Price at time of publish: $599

Best Metal Shed Kit

Arrow Newport 2-Tone Eggshell and Coffee Galvanized Metal Shed

Arrow Newport 2-Tone Eggshell and Coffee Galvanized Metal Shed


This sturdy metal garden shed is made of carbon steel and coated with an enamel paint finish to protect against corrosion and rust. The structure measures 8x10 feet with sliding doors that open 55 inches wide to accommodate large equipment. A pitched roof provides extra headroom while helping rain and snow slide off the top.

Price at time of publish: $529

Best Wood Garden Shed Kit

Outdoor Living Today SS84 SpaceSaver 8 x 4 ft. Storage Shed

wood garden shed with window and flower box
Courtesy of Outdoor Living Today

This charming wood garden shed features one door and a functional screened window with a flower box that's ready for planting. The paneled walls are crafted from western red cedar and well-suited for painting or staining. Assembly takes one to two days to complete and requires only screwing or nailing the components together using the included hardware. This cute shed would also be a perfect playhouse for the kids.

Price at time of publish: $3,736

Best Modern Shed Kit

Suncast 7 x 7 ft. Resin Modernist Outdoor Storage Shed

black and gray garden shed with modern shape
Courtesy of The Home Depot

For those who like a more minimalist or modern look, this shed is for you. Complement a contemporary home and landscape design with this modern shed kit. Made of durable resin, it's designed to withstand all weather conditions, including snow loads up to 40 pounds and UV protection that lasts up to 10 years. Transom windows let in natural light around the top, and vents allow for air circulation. The shed measures approximately 7 feet square and requires minimal tools to assemble.

Price at time of publish: $1,149

Best Large Garden Shed Kit

EZ-Fit Sheds Riverside 10 ft. W x 14 ft. D Storage Shed

large gray garden shed with multiple doors and windows
Courtesy of Wayfair

Spanning 10x14 feet, this wooden garden shed offers a spacious storage area and charming decorative details —and would be a perfect choice for a she shed. The main door is flanked by two windows that let in plenty of light, and a double door along the side provides easy access for large lawn equipment. The shed arrives primed with a light brown shade, so it's ready to paint with your color of choice.

Price at time of publish: $5,400

Best Budget Garden Shed Kit

2x4basics Custom Shed Kit with Barn Roof

2x4basics Custom Shed Kit with Barn Roof


This garden shed kit costs just over $50 and includes only the steel brackets, design plans, and building instructions. You'll need to supply your own 2x4s, but only 90-degree cuts (no angled or miter cuts) are necessary to complete the construction. Perfect for the creative DIYer, this budget-friendly option provides tons of opportunities for customization to turn your shed into a multi-use space. It makes a great choice if you have reclaimed wood, extra siding, or other spare materials on hand. One kit can build a shed up to 10 feet wide, or you can combine kits for a larger structure.

Price at time of publish: $184

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