Skip the trip to the botanical garden. Create your own green abode with a DIY greenhouse right in your backyard.

woman carrying two plants from greenhouse

Give your plants a home of their own with a greenhouse. Backyard greenhouses are popping up all over, turning backyards into charming, fairytale-esque destinations. They’re like playhouses for adults—it’s easy to lose track of time in there and things can get a little messy, but the possibilities are endless.

Backyard greenhouses range in size, price, and style—it all depends on what you want to accomplish. The main function of a greenhouse is to provide light and heat, making them a bright and happy hangout for plants and humans alike.

You don’t have to be an expert gardener to pull off this trend. Backyard greenhouses are a perfect place for container plants to reside and thrive. It is entirely what you make of it. Keep it functional and store tools inside or dress it up with light fixtures and art—better yet, do both.

Some women are turning their backyard greenhouses into a man-cave alternative: The She Shed. For women who find bliss in gardening and spending time outside, this can be the perfect relaxation getaway.

And sometimes these backyard greenhouses have nothing green about them. The lean-to style greenhouses can make for a cozy sunroom, without the hefty renovations. There may not be room for plants, but there’s plenty of room for friends and wining and dining in style.

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So now, where do you get started? First things first, figure out what you want from your backyard greenhouse: garden fresh veggies year round, a home for all your prized potted plants, a relaxation destination surrounded by nature (we could go on). Then figure out your price point. Greenhouses can range in price, depending on materials, size, and whether or not you build it yourself. The level of difficulty for building your own greenhouse also depends on these factors. If you’re looking for a quicker, cheaper option, PVC pipes and plastic coverings can get the job done. If you have one of those Pinterest-perfect, fairytale styles in mind, you’ll have to invest a little more time and money, but the payoff will be so worth it.


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