A Gallery of Garden Shed Ideas

Add storage to your garden with personalized style. Our gallery of garden shed ideas shows you how.

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    Our Favorite Garden Sheds

    An attention-grabbing garden shed does more than declutter your garden. It can create a comfortable work space, provide a backdrop for prized plants, or deliver a destination where you can relax and entertain friends. Read on for ideas about how to select, site, landscape, and use garden sheds with style.

    Thanks to Summerwood for providing this beautiful shed.

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    Salvaged Style Shed

    Salvaged windows and barn-board siding give a garden shed instant character. Thoughtful details, like the vintage window trim on the exterior and the cupola perched on the roof, transform what could be a basic storage shed into an inspiring garden-side retreat.

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    Go for Glass

    This all-glass greenhouse doubles as a storage area in colder months.

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    A Touch of Home

    This large shed looks like anything but a storage unit. Its copper roof, welcoming porch, and colorful bench make it a true extension of the home.

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    Cottage Charm

    This tool shed matches its exuberant cottage garden surroundings. Architectural details such as the scalloped fascia, clapboard siding, window boxes, windows with lace curtains, and weather vane make it the perfect focal point for the garden.

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    Cottage Garden Style

    Start your own cottage garden off right with these tips for choosing the best designs and plants for your space.

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    Work Every Angle

    Look for ways to incorporate your shed into your landscape. Here, a steeply pitched roofline on a simple garden shed echoes the angles found in the triangular raised beds and birdhouse. Even the picket fence behind the Adirondack chairs carries the theme through with pointed peaks.

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    Breeze Right Through

    A flagstone path leads through this potting shed, making for easy access to the tools stored on the wall. Peeling paint and wide-plank construction provide rustic charm.

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    Overarching Antiquity

    Gothic arched windows add to the antique feel of this garden shed. Stamped-metal roofing and hanging planters on the fence repeat the arched shape. A row of boxwoods brings order and definition to the entry garden.

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    Materials for Raised Garden Beds

    Here's an overview of the most common materials for building raised garden beds.

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    Rustic Retreat

    Peeled hemlock porch columns, random-width pine siding, and a durable metal roof turn this shed into a rustic retreat. The shed rests on a concrete block foundation surrounded by stacks of stones, giving the building a sense of permanence and providing an attractive way to level the shed and disguise the change in slope.

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    Hillside Haven

    The porch and entry door of this garden shed face downhill, providing a commanding view of the garden. Lattice surrounding the base of the porch offers a handsome backdrop for plantings.

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    Tudor Traditions

    A steep faux-slate roof and king post porch gable lend Tudor style to this potting shed. Oversize metal false door hinges are in keeping with the shed's Tudor references. A bench adds intimacy to the front porch.

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    Carefree Cottage Style

    A playful profusion of flowers, whimsical sculptures, and found objects set the tone for a practical but lighthearted approach to gardening. An ample storage shed with a sun-drenched potting-shed annex makes maintaining the garden a snap.

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    Go Green

    Join the green roof craze by growing sedum and other succulents on top of your garden shed. The succulents keep the shed cooler, soak up rainwater, and brighten the garden with their colorful foliage and blooms.

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    Fanciful Frills

    Detailed scrollwork on the porch of this playhouse potting shed brings a playful touch to the structure. Heart-shape cutouts in the shutters, a Dutch door with lace curtains, and a white wicker chair complement the casual country look.

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    Two-Story Studio

    Add drama to your potting shed by extending it upward. A second story dormer window infuses this shed with natural sunlight. Dentil detailing at the eave line and doorway impart a touch of elegance, as do the checkerboard tile floor and topiary planters flanking the doorway.

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    Make a Grand Entrance

    A wide entry door, with sidelights and an arched top window, creates an elegant, welcoming approach to this garden house. A sturdy brick walkway leads from the millstone fountain in front to the doorway.

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    Farmstead Formal

    This courtly glass-walled potting shed was designed to complement the Victorian farmhouse on the property. Antique paving bricks, a wrought-iron fence, and sweeping planting beds anchor the shed in the expansive landscape.

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    Step Up to Luxury

    Cedar-shake siding and shingles adorn this elegant garden shed getaway. Decorative white trim, mortared stone steps, and a curved metal handrail enhance the appeal of this destination structure perched atop a matching retaining wall.

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    Quick and Easy Kit

    Construct a cute garden shed in a weekend with a kit. Prefab wall panels go up quickly, and doors and windows slip into precut openings. Dress it up with hanging baskets suspended from beams and window boxes overflowing with flowers.

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    Country Flavors

    Give your garden shed country appeal. Barn-board siding, cedar-shake shingles, and rustic wooden trellises set the tone. A sunny stoop provides the perfect place to grow herbs and tomatoes in pots.

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    Open-Air Enclosure

    Latticework and sturdy beams provide screening and a sense of enclosure for this potting shed. But they also allow breezes to flow through, and they let the homeowner keep an eye on the garden while working at the potting bench. Saloon-style doors swing open for easy access.

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