The 9 Best Pool Covers You Can Buy Online, According to Reviews

The highly effective Blue Solar Cover from Sun2Solar is our favorite solar pool cover.

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When it comes to maintaining your pool, a pool cover is essential. These large, tarp-like accessories keep dirt and debris out of the water and filter, both aiding functionality and making the pool easier to clean. Pool covers can also help your water retain its heat and even minimize evaporation, saving energy because you won't have to heat or refill your pool as frequently.

There are many varieties of pool covers, from ones designed specifically for winter months to ones that double as safety nets for children and pets. When shopping for a pool cover, it's most important to keep in mind your pool's individual needs based on factors like size, shape, and local weather. You should also look for key qualities such as ease of installation, durability, and maneuverability.

We took these factors into account, as well as read hundreds of customer reviews, as we set out to find the best pool covers of every type. For solar pool covers, our favorite option is Sun2Solar's Blue Solar Cover.

Ahead, learn more about the pool covers that customers have been loving.

Best Pool Covers

Best Solar: Sun2Solar Blue Solar Cover

Above and Below Ground Pool Winter Cover
Courtesy of Amazon

While most pool covers help your pool retain existing heat, solar covers add warmth by absorbing UV rays and transmitting the energy into the water. Sun2Solar's Blue Solar Cover does this effectively thanks to its thin construction and thousands of air bubbles that capture and transfer heat. Reviewers comment on the noticeable increase in their water's temperature, with some being able to open their pools weeks earlier and close them weeks later as a result.

This cover from Sun2Solar is lightweight, so placing it and removing it are easy. It also comes in multiple sizes, and you can trim it as needed to fit smaller or oddly shaped pools.

Buy It: Sun2Solar Blue Solar Cover (from $50, Amazon)

Best Clear Solar: Blue Wave Rectangular Clear Solar Blanket

Above and Below Ground Pool Winter Cover
Courtesy of Amazon

Most solar covers come in either blue or clear options. If you're wondering what color solar pool cover works best, it depends on your yard's sun exposure. A clear cover allows the sun's rays to penetrate deeper into the pool to warm it more thoroughly and for longer. So, you'll want a clear one, like this option from Blue Wave, if you get more than six hours of direct sunlight aimed at your pool most days. Many Amazon shoppers say this clear cover keeps pools warm and prevents water from evaporating. "This has extended our swimming season!" one person said.

Buy It: Blue Wave Rectangular Clear Solar Blanket (from $81, Amazon)

Best Retractable: Intex Solar Cover Roller

Above and Below Ground Pool Winter Cover
Courtesy of Amazon

Hauling a solar pool cover on and off each day can get tiresome. That's where this retractable cover-roller comes in handy. The device pairs with your cover to easily roll it back, so you can take a dip and return the cover with just a few turns of the crank when you're done. "This is a game-changer and a lifesaver," a happy customer wrote, adding that their days of lugging around a heavy pool cover were over.

Buy It: Intex Solar Cover Roller ($110, Amazon)

Best for Inflatable Pools: Intex Rectangular Pool Cover

Above and Below Ground Pool Winter Cover
Courtesy of Amazon

This inflatable pool cover fits above-ground pools that measure 103x69 inches and 120x72 inches. Using the provided drawstrings, you can secure the cover to your inflatable pool to keep debris out and ensure that it's always ready for a dip. More than 2,000 shoppers gave the cover a five-star rating, and reviewers mentioned how well it holds up to wind, conforms to the pool for a tight fit, and helps to keep the water warm.

Buy It: Intex Rectangular Pool Cover, $25 (originally $37), Amazon

Best In-Ground Winter Cover: Colourtree In-Ground Winter Pool Cover

Above and Below Ground Pool Winter Cover
Courtesy of HomeDepot

To protect your pool throughout the colder months, you'll need a strong cover that can keep autumn leaves out and hold up to winter weather. This one is made of thick polyethylene and comes with a limited eight-year warranty, so you can use it season after season with peace of mind. Reviewers praise its durability, but say it's not too bulky or heavy to easily set up.

Buy It: Colourtree In-Ground Winter Pool Cover (from $77, The Home Depot)

Best Above-Ground Winter Cover: Blue Wave Round Above-Ground Pool Winter Cover

Above and Below Ground Pool Winter Cover
Courtesy of Walmart

If you have an above-ground pool, consider this durable cover that comes with wide overlaps and a heavy-duty cable to ensure a tight fit. The polyethylene material is designed to hold up to the sun's rays, rain, and snow, while repelling algae so your pool is ready to go come springtime.

Buy It: Blue Wave Round Above-Ground Pool Winter Cover (from $30, Walmart)

Best Adjustable: Intex Round Easy Set Pool Cover

Above and Below Ground Pool Winter Cover
Courtesy of Amazon

Since above-ground pools can come in many shapes and sizes, it's best to have a cover that is slightly adjustable. This round Intex pool cover comes in 8-, 10-, 12-, and 15-foot sizes, but it can also be tied down so you can cinch it to your pool's exact measurements. The snug fit ensures that debris will stay out of the water and the cover will stay on the pool. "Even with living in a windy area, I haven't had a problem with it blowing off," said one happy customer.

Buy It: Intex Round Easy Set Pool Cover (from $12, Amazon)

Best Mesh: Robelle Mesh Winter Pool Cover

Above and Below Ground Pool Winter Cover
Courtesy of Amazon

This Robelle pool cover is ideal for winter months, but you can use it year-round, too. It's a good option for those who live in areas prone to stormy weather, as the mesh material allows water to pass through the cover. This way, a heavy rainstorm won't weigh down the middle of the fabric, and high winds won't blow the cover away. It also helps catch debris and won't let bugs and leaves fall into the water when you take the cover off. "It made my life so much easier," an Amazon shopper wrote.

Buy It: Robelle Mesh Winter Pool Cover (from $84, Amazon)

Best for Safety: Blue Wave In-Ground Pool Safety Cover

Above and Below Ground Pool Winter Cover
Courtesy of Amazon

If you have kids or pets, you might want to consider a safety pool covering. Not only does this one allow rain water to pass through while keeping out dirt and debris, but it also has a break strength of 4,000 pounds. So if your child or dog accidentally steps on it, they won't fall into the water. As a bonus, it can stand up to heavy snowfall in the winter. "Wish I got this 14 years ago," one five-star reviewer said. "The Blue Wave has held up with heavy rain, snow, and ice."

Buy It: Blue Wave In-Ground Pool Safety Cover, $735 (originally $1,662), Amazon

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