Turn your container plants into a work of art. Shaped from boldly colored wire, this plant obelisk lends elegant drama to a planter.
metallic flower planter

The simplest plantings become more artful when highlighted by metallic structures. Modern materials assume an ancient sculptural form to frame foliage when anchored into evocative urns. These gold- and copper-wire obelisks are made of decorative wire. The 6-gauge aluminum wire, which is more malleable than steel or copper, is thick as a stout plant stem and available in a treasure trove of colors. To echo the subtle gleam, brush a plain plastic pot with a thin coat of metallic paint.

  • Working time 30 mins
  • Start to finish 1 hr
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Involves Painting, Cutting Wire, Planting

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

painting sanding resin planter
Step 1

Refinish Container

Lightly sand the resin containers. Sand more in some spots and less in others. Barely dip a dry paintbrush into the metallic paint and dab off excess on a rag. Lightly brush the paint on a small area then dab the paint with a rag; let dry.

flowers being added to planter
Step 2

Plant Container

Fill the pot three-quarters full with potting mix. Add plants and fill in around them with potting mix. Water thoroughly.

cut metallic gold wire
Step 3

Bend Wire

Using wire cutters, cut 4–6 pieces of wire the same length. Bend them into matching shapes, such as simple arches. You can use a piece of cardboard to create a guide to help with uniformity.

metallic wires fit into planter
Step 4

Place Wires in Soil

Evenly space the shaped wires around the edge of the pot, pressing them into the potting mix. You should have at least an inch of each wire in the soil for stability. If you get them into the container and want to change the shape, feel free to reform the wires.

gathered wires into plumbing pipe reducer
Step 5

Gather Wires and Add Finial

Gather the free wire ends in the center. Roll a 2-inch piece of florists clay and press it into the plumbing pipe reducer. Push the clay-filled copper piece over the gathered ends to hold wires in place.


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