Trellis Design Ideas: Wall-Mount Trellises

Wall-mount trellises are a simple and cost-effective way to add style to your outdoor decor. Find ideas here about which designs, materials, and styles will work best for your outdoor living areas.

Detailed Trellis

Large and exquisitely detailed, this ornate trellis is designed to stand as a formal architectural complement to a stately brick home. A large expanse of wall calls for some visual relief, which the trellis provides. Flanked by climbing vines on one side and colorful blooms in front, the trellis is a perfect addition to the fence.

Lattice Panel Trellises

Lattice panels are an ideal starting point for many outdoor trellises. This trellis boasts of sturdy lattice panels that are accented with faux columns that spice up the décor. The trellis supports climbing vines that create a dark and beautiful contrast against the clean white trellis. Covering the sides of two nearby buildings, the trellises provide a connecting element.

Fun Trellises Add to Outdoor Decor

One of the great things about wall-mount trellises is that they come in multitude of different shapes, sizes, and designs. Unfinished cedar shingle siding on this garage provides a perfect backdrop for a heart-shaped trellis. To prevent water damage, use spacers to provide a gap between the two structures.

Simple Trellis Elegance

A beautiful trellis does not always mean a huge trellis. Two inserts cut from a lattice panel on a cedar frame bring the elements of a larger trellis to this smaller wall-mount style.

Strength in Numbers

Trellises can come in a plethora of different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Here, simple rectangular trellises are mounted in a commanding series that serves as a beautiful architectural feature. While each trellis is not particularly large or ornate, their strength in numbers creates a bold design for the blooming garden.

Fitted Framework for Any Design

With the right framework, a trellis will fit in any garden or outdoor living space around your home. The clean white framework of this trellis stands out against the dark red brick that serves as a backdrop. The arched center surrounds a flowing water feature that adds to the serene appeal of the outdoor décor.

Trellis Made From Old Materials

Trellises can be made of many different materials. Look around your home for simple ideas that would work for a wall-mount trellis. Here, an aged iron headboard supports blooming greenery against the side panels on the home. The small details at the top of the trellis add a charming element that is both fun and stylish.

Window Frame Trellis

For a picturesque garden trellis, consider using an old window frame, like this one with an arched transom. Fitted with a cedar grid, the trellis easily supports a large climbing vine. The fun trellis adds a bit more character than the plant alone could offer. Set against the dark red brick, the trellis is a perfect match, with the vine providing just the right amount of contrast.

Vintage Style Trellis

Consider the style of your garden décor when deciding which materials would work best for your trellis. Here, rustic wire fencing supports a clematis plant, lending a nostalgic air to the décor. The trellis is completed with a painted wood casing and rosette block that will age over time.

Wall-Mount Trellis Window Frame

A unique way to use a wall-mount trellis is as an outdoor window frame. This trellis wraps around the large window, adding style to the wall and drawing attention to the glass. It stands out against the light color of the paint, and will provide an elegant backdrop when the vines below begin to climb and bloom.

Traditional Trellis

Traditional style can be an ideal starting point for your garden trellis. Here, clean-lined lattice screens provide a place for lush green vines to climb the wall.

Trellis to Highlight a Focal Point

This unique trellis spans the length of this building. The lattice work surrounds the focal point of a blooming espalier, a pattern that resembles the shape of a candelabrum, with the white trellis standing out against the charcoal paint color and the greenery.

Bamboo Trellis

This garden's bamboo trellis spans the length of the fence. The lighter bamboo color stands out against the wooden fence and supports the climbing vines. The simple pattern is easy to create.

Custom Trellis Designs

Custom designs are a fun way to ensure that your trellis is distinctly yours. This wall-mount trellis boasts of thick wood battens that allow climbing roses to easily wrap around the frame. A unique circular pattern at the top sets the trellis apart from other simple structures.

Combine Modern Style with Tradition

This trio of trellises combines outdoor style with modern function, supporting both climbing vines and towels. Together, they liven up an otherwise-bare wall.

Custom Wall-Covering Trellis

Wall-mount trellises can be as small as a picture frame or as large as the side of a building. Here, wood lattice enlivens a huge outdoor wall and acts as a support for climbing roses.

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