Trellises and Vine Supports

Give vines in your garden a new place to climb with these clever trellis ideas.

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    Window Frame Trellis

    In just one afternoon, turn an old window or door frame into a rustic trellis for vines. This window frame salutes the day with sun-worshiping morning glories. Cardinal climber, cup-and-saucer vine, thunbergia, and hyacinth vine provide similar eye-catching results.

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    Willow Plant Tepee

    This twiggy tepee, known in garden circles as a tuteur, guides and supports plants into a decorative pattern. It makes a wonderful garden accent, even when it's not supporting a climbing plant.

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    Decorative Obelisk

    Create a year-round garden accent with this stylish plant obelisk. Whether supporting vines or left unadorned, it adds a vertical design element to your garden. The simple plant support is suited in style to a country garden and is a good project for an intermediate woodworker, or a beginner willing to learn a few new tricks.

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    Trellis in a Pot

    Transform a potted vine from a spill-over creeper into a reach-the-sky climber when you give your plant a vertical structure to latch on to. This simple trellis is crafted from strips of cedar, some quilter's rings, and a purchased finial. After assembling the materials, you can complete it in a day or less.

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    Tall Vine Pole

    You can't tell from the photo, but these pink and blue morning glories are enjoying a ride up an attractive, ball-topped vine pole. Designed to look good in the off-season, this pole is easy to make and suitable for any tall-growing vine.

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    A Simple Entry Arbor

    Arbors are perfect for framing a pretty view or dressing up a path. This one is easy on the pocketbook and a snap to build. In fact, if you like, you can eliminate most of the cutting by asking the lumberyard to cut the wood to length for a small fee.

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    A Living Fence

    An espalier is a living fence created by training small trees into decorative patterns. Using standard pruning techniques, you can train dwarf fruit trees to form a living wall that will enhance your yard's privacy and provide beauty and fresh produce. You can expect to wait a few years for fruit, but you'll enjoy the beauty for years to come.


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