11 Vine Supports That Take Climbing Flowers to the Next Level

window frame trellis covered in vines
Photo: Peter Krumhardt

A sturdy support system can turn climbing vines and flowers into stunning vertical accents. Trellises, arbors, obelisks, poles, and more, add structure to your garden and provide support for climbers. Give your plants a new, eye-catching support with these clever ideas.

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Lattice Screen Vine Support

Lattice fence with pink flowers
Kritsada Panichgul

Trade traditional fencing for lattices, which will allow flowering vines to climb into view. Grow climbing roses, morning glories, or any flowering vine that will provide a beautiful display. In time, a trellis fence offers more privacy, as the vines grow and fill out.

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Metal Fencing Vine Support

rustic wire fencing trellis and painted wood casing with clematis
John Reed Forsman

Mount a stretch of wire fencing to an exterior wall or wood fence to form a simple rustic-style vine support. This one hangs from a piece of salvaged wood casing, which enhances the casual vintage look. The narrow wires provide plenty of places for a clematis to grow.

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Climbing Plant Wall Support

vines on trellis made from old window frame with arched transom
Eric Roth

Make it easier for flowering vines and other climbers to scale an exterior wall. Transform a salvaged window frame into a trellis by removing the glass and attaching a lattice panel in its place. Secure the frame to the wall to encourage vines to wind up and around it.

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Vine Support Arch

brick pathway under vine arch
Michael Garland

Cover a simple arbor with climbing vines to create a striking entrance to your garden. The arched shape of this structure looks especially graceful when draped in white roses. The thick canes and leaves create a natural look and nearly obscure the metal vine supports.

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Decorative Obelisk Vine Support

decorative obelisk trellis
Peter Krumhardt

Create a year-round garden accent with this stylish wood obelisk. Whether it's supporting vines, or left unadorned, it adds a vertical design element. Suited in style to a country garden, the simple obelisk is a good project for a beginner or intermediate woodworker willing to learn a few new tricks.

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DIY Trellis Vine Support

window frame trellis covered in vines
Peter Krumhardt

In just one afternoon, you can turn an old window or doorframe into a rustic trellis for vines. Simply secure lengths of wire across the openings to create a beautiful support for plants, like sun-worshiping morning glories, cardinal climbers, cup-and-saucer vine, thunbergia, and hyacinth vine, all of which provide similar eye-catching results.

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Tepee Vine Support

willow plant tepee trellis
Peter Krumhardt

This twiggy tepee, known in garden circles as a tuteur, guides and supports plants into a decorative pattern. It makes a wonderful garden accent, even when it's not supporting a climbing plant. To make, gather willow rods into a tepee shape and weave thinner trimmings around the middle and top to secure.

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Plant Trellis for Pots

decorative trellis in pot
Stephen Cridland

Transform a potted vine from a spillover creeper into a climber when you give it a vertical structure to latch onto. This simple trellis is crafted from strips of cedar, some quilter's rings, and a purchased finial. After assembling the materials, you can complete it in a day or less.

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Tall Vine Support Pole

tall vine pole trellis
Peter Krumhardt

A ball-topped vine pole provides support for these pink and blue morning glories. Designed to look good even in the off-season, this pole is easy to make and suitable for any tall-growing vine. Use wire to gently secure the vines around the pole and train them to continue growing upward.

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Simple Vine Arbor

white wooden entry arbor
Peter Krumhardt

Arbors are perfect for framing a pretty view or dressing up a path. This DIY entry arbor is a simple project that comes together in a weekend. To save time, for a small fee you can ask the lumberyard to cut the wood to length.

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Living Fence

garden trellis living fence
Stephen Cridland

An espalier is a living fence created by training small trees into decorative patterns. Using standard pruning techniques, you can train dwarf fruit trees to form a living wall that will enhance your yard's privacy and provide beauty and fresh produce. You can expect to wait a few years for fruit, but you'll enjoy the beauty for years to come.

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