Create a shady corner anywhere in your yard.


A trellis house is an old-fashioned way to escape the summer heat. This type of open-air room provides a combination of breezes, dappled shade, and utter peacefulness. With wide walls and a pergola roof structure, this triangular trellis house nestles comfortably in the yard.

What You Need:

  • Cedar lumber (or other rot resistant wood) in 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, and 1x2 lattice
  • Galvanized or stainless steel fasteners
  • Stain or other finish


1. Develop your plans. Our plan is for illustration only. Customize the dimensions to suit your needs. Be sure to have your plans reviewed by your local building department to ensure that they meet all local codes.

2. Set posts. Set the 4x4 posts in concrete below the frost line. Trim tops to 7-foot-6-inch height.

3. Add stringers and brace. Trim the ends of the 2x6 stringers and attach to the posts at top and bottom. Nail 1x2 cleats to 4x4s to serve as nailing supports for 2x4 stringers placed 5-1/2 inches below 2x6s. Miter ends of 2x6 brace and attach to posts.

4. Attach rafters. Cut and add rafters at spacing desired. The closer the spacing, the denser the shade.

5. Add 2x2s and lattice. Cut and nail the vertical 2x2s. These will support the 1x2 horizontal lattice. Nail the lattice to the 2x2s and to the 1x2 cleats on the posts.

6. Finish. This project was finished with a semi-transparent stain.


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