18 Beautiful Trellis Ideas to Turn Your Yard into a Private Escape

wrap around wood trellis patio area
Photo: Bob Greenspan

A trellis fence or screen is the perfect way to add a sense of privacy and structure to your backyard. Whether the design is made of wood or metal, a garden trellis creates a beautiful backdrop for outdoor living spaces. These trellis ideas, ranging from simple structures to elaborate designs, will help shape your patio or garden in style.

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Small-Space Trellis Ideas

small table deck railing design
Werner Straube

Especially in small yards, a sense of separation from the neighbors can be difficult to achieve. To help create a more intimate backyard atmosphere, close off your outdoor space with a trellis fence. Choose lattice panels with a tighter pattern and add climbing perennial vines for even more privacy.

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Deck Trellis Design

patio furniture and green cushions on deck beneath arbor
Kritsada Panichgul

Besides offering privacy, a trellis can help create a more clearly defined outdoor space. Surround your deck or patio with a trellis to separate it from the rest of your home's exterior and make it feel like its own little world. This creates a more cohesive deck design and provides a visually appealing backdrop for a seating or dining area.

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Modern-Style Trellis

two light-blue cushioned chairs in front of upper railing wood design on deck
Edward Gohlich

Unexpected lattice patterns can put a contemporary spin on a classic trellis design. Here, a wood trellis with an abstract design tops a deck railing for an added decorative element in this calming outdoor space. If a simple trellis doesn't offer enough privacy for you, consider also planting a hedge alongside your deck for a more secluded feeling.

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Trellis Work Space

trellis screened work space
Stephen Cridland

This long sectional trellis creates a useful zone for potting benches and garden prep work. The front of the trellis acts as a staging area for an assortment of potted flowering plants, while the screen keeps clutter and unsightly equipment out of view.

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Garden Trellis Ideas

white trellis ensemble garden
Laurie Black Photography

Even small gardens or yards can benefit from a well-placed trellis. Here, a trio of structures, including a small-grid trellis, a larger L-shape trellis for privacy, and a gated arbor, all fit in a side yard that's only a few feet wide.

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Garden Trellis Backdrop

pink flower white trellis garden backdrop
Davree Media, Inc

Beyond providing privacy and creating a smooth transition from one outdoor space to another, trellises can also act as a background or support for plants. Colorful flowering vines or blooming shrubs are perfect for pairing with garden trellis designs. Here, the structure serves as a backdrop for shrub roses, turning a basic flower bed into a stunning focal point.

While a trellis will act as adequate support for most plants, you should always keep an eye on its stability as your plant grows larger. Heavier flowers (like dense wisteria) and some vegetables (like squash) may require additional support to ensure the trellis remains sturdy.

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Decorative Trellis Gate

white trellis gate stone stairs
Ed Gohlich Photography Inc

Set a stunning scene for visitors the moment they enter your garden. Here, a magnificent trellis and pergola combine with a gated fence to form the garden's entrance. The grand structure is flanked by urn planters, offering an elegant introduction to the formal garden.

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Gated Arbor and Trellis

gated arbor white trellis garden
Stephen Cridland

Employ a trellis fence to create a private entrance to your garden or backyard. This white gate and arbor duo is set to the side of the home, allowing guests to bypass the front entry and head straight to the backyard. The structure provides virtually the same privacy and security as a fence but is far more charming, lending a country appeal.

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Trellis Seating Area

screened seating stone bench
Stephen Cridland

Elevate a simple bench by using a beautiful garden trellis as a backdrop. Here, three overlapping lattice screens act as an impactful "wall" for this private seating area. The middle panel is topped with a gable for a playful architectural touch.

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Open Trellis Design

wrap around wood trellis patio area
Bob Greenspan

With its wraparound form and projecting top, this trellis design lends privacy to a delightful and relaxing setting. The sense of shelter is unmistakable thanks to hedges and climbing vines, but—thanks to an L-shaped trellis layout—the space doesn't feel too enclosed. A pair of cushioned chairs add to the vacation-like escape.

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Modern Trellis Design

wire trellis patio furniture seating area
Matthew Benson

Traditional white or wooden trellis designs provide classic charm, but other materials work well, too. Here, a wire trellis fits with the modern look of this patio. The thin metal bars allow climbing vines to take center stage.

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Patio Trellis Perimeter

white wrap around trellis outdoor garden
Gordon Beall Photography

Add distinction and structure to your backyard with a patio trellis. This screen wraps around the perimeter of the patio, adding an attractive curve and an architectural element to the space. It incorporates small window areas along the top so that views outward aren't obstructed completely, which helps maintain an open feeling.

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Curved Trellis Fence

curved top trellis stone garden decor
Colleen Duffley

A small side yard doesn't have to serve only as a transition space. This narrow pathway becomes a destination unto itself, thanks to a pair of graceful trellises topped with curved rails and flanked by stout posts and finials. The curved tops help balance the latticework's long, straight lines and make the trellises appear more significant, transforming a narrow side yard into a pretty vignette.

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Trellis Fence Ideas

trellis fence vintage outdoor white furniture

A trellis fence offers a more decorative way to divide your yard. Choose a design that complement's your garden's overall style. The swooping lines of the latticework fence and arbor seen here reflect the curves in the landscaping, furniture, and decorative stone balls.

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Trellis Ideas for Decks

large brown trellis deck

Adding a trellis to your deck is an easy way to create a private setting for conversation or relaxation. Here, a series of large-grid panels top the built-in benches wrapped around the edge of this spacious deck.

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Trellis Screen Separation

small lily pound trellis garden separator
Peter Krumhardt

Dividing your garden into zones can help create order within the design, and a trellis is a great way to do so. Above, a screen creates separation between a water garden and the rest of the yard, sectioning off the space while still allowing a breeze and sunlight to pass through.

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Private Patio Trellis

green painted trellis private patio
Laurie Black Photography

Outdoor areas take on an instant charm when enclosed in an intimate way. This latticework trellis provides an appealing backdrop for a bistro table and chairs, also boasting a cutout "window" to help connect it with the surrounding landscape. Without the screening, the scene would seem too exposed and far less inviting.

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Backyard Trellis Rooms

backyard gated white trellis fence
Mike Jensen

Use trellises to carve your landscape into separate areas, designating specific "outdoor rooms" for conversation, dining, play, and other outdoor activities your yard typically hosts. Vine-clad lattice fences are a natural option for the walls between rooms, while arbors and gates can serve as doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best material for a trellis?

    You can buy a trellis in many different materials, though the best selection for your backyard depends on what type of weather you experience. For some areas, a wood trellis made of weather-resistant cedar will do just fine, while other areas may require a more durable material such as PVC.

  • Where can I buy a trellis?

    Look to purchase a trellis from your local hardware store, garden center, or fencing specialist. The latter will likely have the largest selection of styles available to you, and can help answer any specific questions you may have regarding installation and care.

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