Arbor Design Ideas: Metal Arbors

Metal arbors provide both beauty and practicality for your outdoor decor. Get ideas here to help you find the perfect arched gateway for your landscape.

Hoop Arbor with Pergola Frame

A metal arbor is a beautiful entryway into another part of your yard. Here, a steel hoop arbor and a pergola frame draped with canvas create a contemporary-style outdoor dining room. By adding a pergola, the entrance becomes even more grand, and the draped canvas offers a bit of shade. Match patio sets with the style of arbor, such as a wrought-iron set that can withstand the elements and fits in perfectly with the decor.

Gateway to Your Patio

A metal arbor provides a beautiful and practical gateway into your open patio area. Here, it defines where the patio ends and the yard begins, and encloses the space for dining. The detailed design creates an aesthetically pleasing aspect, while the metal ensures that the arbor will stand strong for years to come.

Extended Garden Arbor

For a twist on the typical arbor, extend it down a walkway that leads to the garden. The metal material still produces a light feel because of its simple framework. To further soften the harshness of the metal, climbing vines create both shade and elegance. Fashioned from metal, the arbor adds to the garden decor without looking as bulky and thick as a wooden arbor might.

Beautiful Tunnel Arbor

A tunnel arbor is a great way to lead to a magnificent garden beyond. The extended structure adds drama to your yard, creating a sense of anticipation for what lies beyond. Here, the landscape is connected via lush green plantings reaching both high and low. The arched iron arbor provides beauty and grace and can even withstand harsh weather.

Climbing Plants Incorporate Metal Arbors in the Garden

Spruce up your metal arbor with lush greenery and blooming buds that climb the sides. A multitude of different plantings surrounding the area make the arbor look as if it has always been part of the landscape. Here, a narrow walkway makes it possible for guests to wander through the landscape, feeling as though they are in the midst of the landscape.

Blend Modern with Traditional with Different Materials

Building your arbor with multiple materials blends different styles together and produces added flair. Here, the traditional style shines through with the use of wood, while an elegant arch made of metal adds a modern element. The beautiful garden arbor is the perfect beginning to the breathtaking views beyond the arch.

Soften Your Garden Arbor with Climbing Vines

Soften the appearance of a metal arbor with climbing vines that offer a glimpse of the garden that lies just past the archway. Here, the simple arch is complemented with a low gate to separate the garden from the rest of the grounds. A whimsical birdhouse lends a casual element to the otherwise formal appeal.

Enhance Outdoor Decor with Simple Arbor Designs

A simple metal arbor provides the perfect gateway from your front yard to the back. Here, light greenery climbs each side of the archway, giving it a softer appeal. The relatively sparse vines hint at the lush greenery to come. Rather than straight metal lines, add details such as those found on the design of this arbor to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

Garden Entrance with Grand Appeal

A high-reaching arbor flanked by low walls provides a grand entrance to your garden. Here, a custom iron-and-timber gate and Cotswold-style brick wall create the perfect backdrop for the metal arbor. Reaching high above the walls and gates, the archway lures guests to see what lies just through the gate.

Use Sturdy Metal for Vast Amounts of Greenery

A wrought-iron arbor is the perfect choice when vast greenery and hundreds of blooms need support. This arbor supports the stretch and tumble of hundreds of roses in full bloom, making it look like an entrance to paradise. Because the climbing vines hide the design, a simple, no-frills structure is all that is necessary--as long as it is sturdy.

Simple Elegance Beckons Visitors

A garden arbor does not have to start on the ground. Here, low walls support the structure. The rising archway suggests to visitors that they are about to enter a new and exciting part of the yard. The simple design creates an understated elegance perfect for this landscape. If you wish to put the focus on all of your hard work in the garden, refrain from using ornate details on the arbor. While the simple archway beckons visitors, your beautiful landscape keeps them there.

Simple and Graceful Metal Arbor

A simple yet graceful metal arbor can be the perfect addition to your walkway. Here, the arbor frames the path, making visitors feel as though they are entering a new and exciting part of the yard. Add a personal touch to the arch with hanging lights, such as the candles suspended from this arbor. The lighting makes the arbor appealing both day and night.

Twist on the Typical

Add a personal touch to your garden arbor with a twist on the typical archway. Here, the metal curves up to a point, blending the design with that of the home's roof. By covering your arbor with well-behaved vines or a climbing rose, it becomes part of the garden. Potted plants frame the sides to hide the base of the vines, making it look as though flowers extend from the pots straight to the arbor.

Multiple Arbors for a Lush Garden Landscape

For a lush, dense landscape, more than one arbor is an excellent way to signal the transition from one part of the grounds to another. These simple archways delineate the inner part of the patio from the outer, while the wrought-iron material matches the low gates surrounding the patio. The simple arbors break up the dense plantings and offer a gateway to new places.

Arbor as an Elegant Frame

When placed correctly, your arbor acts as a beautiful frame from your patio to your yard or garden. Here, well-controlled vines climb the archway, making it one with the landscape. The circular shape of the patio echoes the curve of the arch. Be sure to use a sturdy metal to support the weight of the climbing vines.

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