Gated Arbor Ideas

While an arbor is often a beautiful entryway to your garden or yard, adding a gate can be the perfect finishing touch.

Garden Arbor with Gate

This arbor boasts of a gate that covers the lower half, allowing visitors to see into the garden. The gate adds a sturdier look to the graceful arch and trellis of the arbor. Ensure that your gate works the way you want it to by having its bottom high enough to avoid any obstructions.

Gateway to Your Backyard

An arbor on its own often looks bare and does not allow for privacy. Here, the heavy greenery and tall lattice panels are accented with a gateway into the backyard. Make your gate fit perfectly with the outdoor d&#233cor by matching styles. Here, the top half of the gate is finished with the trellis style, while the bottom half is solid and matches the white woodwork of the arch.

Steel Arbor Gate

For a more sturdy and weather-resistant arbor, choose steel. Here, the arbor with gate is finished with a powder coat and the addition of climbing vines helps to soften up the metallic look. The lowered gate shows that the garden is separated from the rest of the yard, but still beckons for visitors to enter.

Gated Arbor for Privacy

Gated arbors can be the perfect addition when both privacy and aesthetic appeal are desired. Here, the wooden arbor and gate offer a passageway into the backyard while ensuring an air of seclusion. The archway and gate are finished in the same color as the fence surrounding the remainder of the yard, ensuring continuity throughout the space.

Cottage Appeal for Your Garden Gate

Dress up your gated arbor with flowers and greenery. Here, a romantic garden gate and a rose-covered archway provide breathtaking cottagelike appeal. The blooming roses don't just add aesthetics, but a sweet treat for your sense of smell. The budding arch is the perfect pathway to a well-tended garden, while the wrought iron gate is painted white to add a light and airy feel that separates the garden from the rest of the yard.

Match Arbor Gate with Style of House

To ensure that your arbor gate is the perfect addition to your yard, match the style and angle of the archway with the roof of your house. Here, the gable roof and strut frame connects to the house in the background. For more flair, bright trim offers a fun and welcoming point to enter the yard. The gate's dramatic entrance gives a little privacy while still making it possible to see what lies beyond.

Stylish Gated Arbor

While many arbors are associated with traditional styles, a gated arbor can work for contemporary homes, too. Here, the arbor provides both privacy and a modern style that makes the home seem inviting and complete. The archway blends with the color of the siding, while the gates provide a perfect amount of contrast.

Cedar-Crafted Entry Arbor

Make the entrance into your garden a breathtaking one by adding an arbor gate that boasts beautiful craftsmanship. This cedar gate has the ability to stop you in your tracks. It separates the garden from the remainder of the yard, and the climbing vines offer a glimpse of the greenery that lies beyond the garden arbor. The perfect craftsmanship beckons all those in the yard to come see what lies beyond the door.

Craftsmanship on Front Door and Arbor Gate

Match your garden arbor to your home by matching the gate and your home's front door. While the front door offers a gateway into your home, the arbor gate can serve a similar function, inviting visitors into your beautiful garden or outdoor room. The arbor is a continuation from the house, using the same siding, with the wooden gate marking a contrast.

Add Color to Your Arbor Gate

Add a spark of color to your arbor gate with climbing flowers. Here, the red roses add a burst of color on top of the white woodwork, providing a welcome retreat and additional privacy. The gate and the fence share the same crisp white color, and fit together beautifully with the outdoor d&#233cor.

Blend Styles for a Unique Garden Gate

For an added twist to your garden gate, blend different styles--this arbor blends a subtle mix of Asian-inspired touches. Large timbers make up the frame, square grid panels fill in the gates, and curbed knee braces meet the beams overhead. The wood structure offers an idyllic gateway to the remainder of the yard.

Ornate Detail and Classic Simplicity

While this arbor is flanked by ornately carved panels that match the gates, the archway boasts of simple Asian-style with clean lines and sharp corners. The gate brings continuity to the area by matching the d&#233cor of the fence. However, the clean lines of the arbor beautifully offset the ornate detail of the fence, making a perfect gateway into the garden beyond.

Arbor Gate with Dramatic Appeal

An oversized arbor with a gate can make a very dramatic appeal. The dark tones of the wood blend in beautifully with the woodsy atmosphere, with the trees behind offering both shade and privacy. This Asian-influenced arbor has excellent craftsmanship, and the wooden structure enhances the earthy appeal of the outdoor d&#233cor.

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