A clean, classical look.


On the side of the house where the yard is narrow, you can mark the change from front yard to backyard with this graceful gate. Or put it on a path to signal the entrance to a new part of the garden. The double-door gate has a scooped top edge and hangs from square posts that support an overhead arbor.


1. Set the posts 4 feet apart, with the bottoms below frost line and anchored in concrete. Make sure they are plumb, that is, straight up and down in all directions. Use a level to check.

2. Cut the tops of the posts at equal heights and nail on the collarpieces, molding, and cap blocks.

3. Assemble the double gates. Use mortise and tenon joints for the frame and half lap joints for the pickets and small horizontals.

4. Hang the gates with the bottom rail six inches above the ground.

5. Cut the beveled ends on the double 2 x 6s that span the posts. Cut 10-inch lengths of 2x4, bevel the ends, notch the bottom edge to fit over the 2 x 6s.

6. Toenail the 2 x 6s on top of the cap blocks.

7. Paint the finished gate and arbor.


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