Give your bean plants a structured place to grow with this easy-to-make arch that elevates your vines to be the star of the scene.


Bean plants climb and cover anything in their path, but can sometimes look messy and tangled. Try making this arched bean trellis for your garden to give them a structured path to follow for a tidier look. When grown densely, this trellis gives the garden a magical, country garden vibe that also keeps crops off the ground.

arched trellis with mature bean plant
Credit: Jason Donnelly

Supplies Required

  • Post driver
  • Wire cutters
  • 5-foot heavy-duty T posts
  • 16-foot piece of cattle panel
  • Zip ties
woman using fence post driver in garden
Credit: Brie Passano

Step 1: Drive Posts

To start this project, locate where you would like your arch placed. Drive the first T post in with the post driver. Measure 5’ out and drive in the second post. Measure back 36” from each post and drive in a post in each location.

using zip tie to secure post to fencing
Credit: Brie Passano

Step 2: Attach Cattle Panel

Place one end of the cattle panel on the ground inside of two of the T posts that are 36” apart and secure with 4 zip ties on each post. Arch the panel over to put the other end of the cattle panel along the other two T posts. Secure in the same fashion.

installed arched diy bean trellis
Credit: Brie Passano

Step 3: Plant Beans

Plant beans (or any vining plant) at one or both ends of the arch and watch them grow. If the vines do not naturally weave through the cattle panel, you can gently wrap the end of the vine around a few rungs to get it started. If you add a decorative orb, you can train the vine to travel down and around the orb by weaving stray vine ends or use wire or twine to attach the vine to the base of the orb.


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