Learn about different types of fences and fence installation tips to find the perfect design for your home. Whether you want to shield your yard, establish safe borders, contribute to a garden style, or feel like you're a world away, a fence can be an asset in your outdoor spaces.

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How to Finish and Paint Fences and Gates

Once you have your dream fence, you'll want to protect it. Learn everything there is to know about priming and painting a variety of fences.
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13 Things to Know Before You Build a Fence

Improve your home's curb appeal, provide security, and increase your privacy with these must-know tips.
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Our Favorite Decorative Fence Ideas

Add privacy and structure to your garden with one of our stylish and practical fence ideas. With inspiration for picket fences, wood fences, gates, and more, our decorative fence ideas will help you add both function and interest to your yard.
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12 Stylish Garden Gates

Invite visitors to your garden with an enchanting entrance and stylish gate.
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Arbors with Fences

An arbor and a fence make a powerful pair. Choose from this collection of complementary arbor and fence designs to find your favorite.
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Landscaping Ideas for Privacy

Add privacy to your yard to create a gorgeous getaway. Check out these landscaping ideas for creating a private, secluded yard.
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Zen and the Art of Outdoor Living

A backyard Zen garden offers the best platform for unwinding, yoga, or quiet reflection. Close your eyes, relax, and let the stress melt away in a Zen-inspired space.
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Picket Fencing Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the materials needed for a picket fence.