Outdoor Structures

A well-thought-out plan for a yard with decks, fences, patios, pools, spas, and more is a beautiful thing indeed. We've collected the best, most beautiful design ideas to fit every budget, every yard size, every style, every gardening skill level, and every need. Start with options for decks, patios, and porches.

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DIY Bean Trellis

Give your bean plants a structured place to grow with this easy-to-make arch that elevates your vines to be the star of the scene.

How to Finish and Paint Fences and Gates

Once you have your dream fence, you'll want to protect it. Learn everything there is to know about priming and painting a variety of fences.

How to Make a Stepping Stone Path

Transform your garden or backyard into a scene from a fairy tale with a stone path. This can be done in an afternoon!

How to Build a Dry-Set Stone Wall

No mortar, no problem. This easy technique will help you build a stone wall quickly and painlessly.

More Outdoor Structures

How to Lay Concrete Block

Once you understand the basics of laying concrete block, the possibilities for walls, grill houses, and other structures are endless. Learn the concrete block basics, here.

How to Build a Running Bond Pattern Brick Wall

Friends, family, and passersby will forever admire your well-laid brick wall in a classic running bond pattern. The skills required to lay this type of wall come from determination and patience—and this tutorial will help you get started.

The Top Accessories for Your Backyard Greenhouse

Hobby greenhouses are as practical as they are attractive in your yard. See the most essential accessories and supplies you'll need for the ultimate backyard greenhouse.