Make your mini-home dreams come true in just one day.

By Jessica Bennett
November 11, 2019
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The online retailer that delivers your entire shopping list in just two days flat now wants to help make your tiny-home dreams come true, too. That’s right: Amazon sells tiny house kits that include everything you need to build your own diminutive dwelling. These prefab houses will arrive at your address—most through free shipping—with step-by-step directions that walk you through the entire construction process. Plus, the package includes all parts and hardware needed for assembly, so you can get started building right away. With minimal tools required, some of these tiny house kits can be built in just one day with two adults.

The tiny-house movement began gaining popularity in 2014 as people looked to cut down their costs of living and embrace more minimalist lifestyles. Usually sized between 100 and 400 square feet, energy-efficient tiny homes allow homeowners to cut their carbon footprints and shrink monthly utility bills. And now, thanks to Amazon, these affordable housing alternatives are even more accessible. While many pint-size properties cost somewhere between $30,000 and $150,000, Amazon sells dozens of small-home kits with prices starting at less than $4,000.

Looking to downsize your dwelling? Here are some of our favorite tiny house kits available on Amazon. And before you begin building, be sure to read our guide to buying a tiny home and research zoning laws in your town.

Courtesy of Allwood

Best Tiny Home for Small-Space Storage

A wall divides the interior of this solid-wood cabin into a main living area spanning 106 square feet and a smaller space sized at 51 square feet. Although the second room is intended for storage, it could easily transform into a bathroom or cozy sleeping nook with a little remodel magic. According to the product description, assembly for this tiny house takes about 10 hours for two people.

Buy It: Allwood Estelle 5 Cabin Kit, $8,299

Courtesy of WNC Tiny Homes

Best Tiny House for Porch Dwellers

The most spacious option on our list of tiny house kits, this four-room tiny home spans 275 square feet. Stretching across the facade, a 119-square-foot porch nestles under the roof overhang complete with a charming cottage railing. Inside, the kitchen is at the center of the layout with a bathroom set behind. Two additional rooms—which could serve as a bedroom and living area—are positioned on either side of the kitchen.

Buy It: Jackson Tiny Home, $19,199

Courtesy of Allwood

Best Tiny Home for Outdoor Dining

When assembled, this tiny house kit features a single interior space spanning 113 square feet. The asymmetrical facade features a front door set off to the left and windows that open outward to welcome fresh air. Though the deck is not included, the roof overhang extends about 5 feet to create a covered spot for outdoor dining.

Buy It: Allwood Escape | 113 SQF Cabin Kit, $5,350

Courtesy of Whole Wood Cabins LLC

Best Tiny House Kit Under $5,000

At just 76 square feet, this small home is especially cozy. But with a price tag of $3,750, it's also one of the most affordable tiny house kits available. Double doors lead into a single open interior, which runs about 9.5 x 8 feet. Although some might consider it too small for full-time living, this structure would work well as a backyard craft space, meditation room, or she shed.

Buy It: Whole Wood Cabins Concord 76, $3,750

Courtesy of Allwood

Best Tiny Home with Style

With its curved roof and sleek gray siding, this tiny home brings big style in a 117-square-foot package. French doors with dual glass panes and two tall front windows let in plenty of light, while another window—which can be placed on either side of the cabin—opens to welcome in the breeze. The structure is built from solid Nordic spruce wood and takes about a day to put together.

Buy It: Allwood Mayflower Base | 117 SQF Garden House, Cabin Kit, $6,995

Courtesy of Allwood

Best Tiny House on Wheels

The sister model of the kit above, this tiny house on wheels features an identical layout with a few aesthetic upgrades. A railed stairway leads up to the French front doors, which are flanked by ready-to-plant flower boxes. Vintage-style spoked wheels—intended for decorative purposes only—give this mini dwelling a look like a covered wagon.

Buy It: Allwood Mayflower | 117 SQF Garden House, Cabin Kit, $7,790

Courtesy of Allwood

Best Tiny Home with Big Windows

Paneled windows and doors line the entire front half of this cottage-style tiny house. Made of dense-grain Nordic spruce wood, the structure has enough insulation for most climates, according to the product description, though additional insulation is recommended if you plan to use it year-round. For boosted ceiling height, you can order additional wall planks, which are sold separately in sets of one to three and allow you to add about 4-1/2 inches of height for each new layer.

Buy It: Allwood Claudia | 209 SQF Cabin Kit, Garden House, $8,650

Courtesy of Allwood

Best Tiny Home That's Built to Last

This miniature dwelling is built to weather the elements in style. The walls can endure up to 120 mph winds, and the roof—which is wide enough to accommodate a set of solar panels—can bear up to 46 pounds of snow per square foot, according to the product description. From the front porch, double doors lead into a 237-square-foot main level that includes a kitchen, living area, and bedroom. An 86-square-foot loft space above could be used as an additional bedroom or a snug reading nook. The second set of double doors open out to the side yard, and windows on each of the other walls boost natural light.

Buy It: Allwood Bella | 237 SQF Cabin Kit with 86 SQF Loft, $17,800

If you're ready to join in on the mini-home movement, these tiny-house kits can make that dream a reality in just one day. Now you just need to figure out how to downsize your stuff to fit under 400 square feet!



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