Features to Look for in Your Next Home

Learn what's hot in homes from the president and CEO Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Plus, see what features buyers are looking for when purchasing a home.

Today, first-time home buyers have a more casual, laid back lifestyle—and this is reflected in their home search priorities. They are less concerned about formal home design styles and don't necessarily want a rigid layout. What they do want is the flexibility of high-tech features and bonus spaces. Natural textures are attractive and curb appeal is essential.

Au Naturel

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Marble, concrete, and wood are having a moment. Buyers are seeking out natural (and natural-looking) surfaces for every space—hardwood floors in the living area instead of covering the room in carpeting, natural stone countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. This preference extends to furniture and accessories, too. The wood finishes characteristic to midcentury modern decor are popular, for example.

Curb Appeal

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Much like meeting a new person, a home needs to make a positive first impression for someone to want to come back to it over and over. This means that exterior appearance is just as important as interior design (if not more important!). People want to feel content and happy to return to their home at the end of a long day. Why not make it a pleasing visual? There are many things you can do to boost curb appeal. Some are as simple as painting the front door! Other items include making sure the yard is well-landscaped, pathways are well-lit, and performing regular maintenance on the roof and siding.

Bonus Space

wooden desk with yellow wallpaper and frame

Another item that's hot on potential home buyers' lists? A spare room! It's an extra space that isn't set as a bathroom or bedroom and could be used for different purposes over time. These bonus rooms may end up as home offices, workout rooms, or kids' playrooms. In other words, people are looking for more flexibility in a home layout.

Do you have a room like this in your current house? Learn how to make the most of the space.

Think Smart

door lock keypad

A recent survey we conducted revealed something interesting about first-time home buyers. Today, budding homeowners are more excited about smart home features than green home features. They want to be able to lock doors, adjust the thermostat, and turn lights on from their computer or phone while they're away.

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