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How Much Does Car Shipping Cost in 2021?

Several factors determine your car shipping cost.
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The cost of shipping a car can fluctuate based on many factors, from the type of vehicle to the time of year. In this article, we'll go over industry averages, how carriers may calculate your car shipping cost, tips to save money on auto transport, and more.

Our review team researched and ranked the best car shipping companies on the market, many of which offer low-cost services. To find the most affordable auto transport company for you, you'll want to reach out to multiple companies and compare free, non-committal quotes.

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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

We've reached out for car shipping quotes from a number of the industry's top auto transport service providers. According to this data, the average car shipping cost is about $1,200. However, car shipping costs vary depending on several key factors, so your own prices may be different.

The quotes we requested were for an operable 2018 Honda CR-V and an operable 2018 Lexus ES 350 traveling between 520 and 2,445 miles in January. To give you a better idea of the average cost to ship a car, cost ranges for a variety of shipping services are detailed below.

  • Open auto transport: Between $689 and $2,064
  • Enclosed auto transport: Between $1,220 and $2,775
  • Cross-country shipping (2,445 miles): Between $1,389 and $2,775
  • Interstate car shipping (520 miles): Between $689 and $924

Quoted car shipping rates may not be the final price you'll pay to have your car shipped. Auto transporters sometimes include a service fee with your bill, and depending on the company, you may also need to pay for additional insurance. If you pay for expedited shipping, this will also increase your car shipping cost.

While it's not a conventional car shipping cost, cancellation fees are a factor to consider, as they should be expected from most car shipping companies. For example, Montway Auto Transport, a popular auto broker, charges $199 for any cancellation after an order has been accepted by a carrier.

What Factors Affect Car Shipping Costs?

As mentioned, there are many factors that go into determining your final car shipping cost. An obvious one is the car shipping company you choose. In our 2021 review of the best car shipping companies, Montway Auto Transport and AmeriFreight stood out for their cost-effective auto transport services.

Below, we outline other factors that will likely impact your vehicle transport cost.

  • Distance traveled: According to uShip, average car shipping costs in the U.S. are "$2.92 per mile to ship a car less than 200 miles" and "$0.78 per mile to ship a car 1,000 miles or more." Long-distance car shipments will have better rates per mile than shipments traveling a few hundred miles. However, our research shows that cross-country shipments can still cost between $1,389 and $2,775.
  • Enclosed trailers vs. open trailers: Enclosed auto transport costs significantly more than open car transport, but it may be worth it for luxury and classic cars. Enclosed transports protect vehicles from environmental factors like dirt, debris, and rain.
  • Door-to-door vs. terminal-to-terminal: Door-to-door car transport services are more expensive than terminal-to-terminal shipping since the service is personalized. Rather than drop off and pick up your vehicle at a predetermined terminal (which can be hundreds of miles away from your home), the auto carrier delivers your vehicle directly to your home.
  • Time of year: Demand is higher in the summer months, making auto transport more expensive.
  • Carrier competition: If more car carriers are available for a particular shipment, it drives down customers' prices.
  • Price of fuel: If gas prices are high, car shipping companies may charge more to compensate for carriers' extra fuel costs.
  • Vehicle operability: It takes more effort and resources to move non-working cars, as they can't be driven onto the shipping platform. This makes them more expensive to ship than operable cars.
  • Vehicle size: Larger vehicles like SUVs, trucks, and recreational vehicles, as well as all-terrain vehicles, will cost more to ship than compact cars.
  • Area of the U.S.: Shipping to and from rural areas will likely increase your car shipping cost.

The cheapest way to ship your vehicle is through an open transport option that travels from terminal to terminal. You could further lower your car shipping cost by traveling during the off-season and choosing a company that offers customer discounts. Flexibility also leads to low-cost options. By working around a shipper's delivery schedule and location, you can often find cheap car shipping prices. Otherwise, you'll front the cost for convenience.

How to Reduce Your Car Shipping Cost

Car shipping can be expensive, especially if you request specialty car shipping services like expedited shipping or enclosed auto transport. However, there are a few ways to lower the cost of shipping. The main way to save is to find a car shipping company that offers discounts. 

Our top four recommended auto transporters offer the following discounts:

  • Montway Auto Transport: Military, returning customer, multiple vehicles, and pay-in-cash
  • AmeriFreight: Military, first responder, medical personnel, student, senior citizen, early bird, returning customer, and multiple vehicles
  • Sherpa Auto Transport: Military, first responder, student, senior citizen, early bird, returning customer, multiple vehicle, and medical personnel
  • uShip: Military

Comparing free auto transport quotes is a tried-and-true way to ensure you get the best car shipping cost. Depending on the company, you can easily receive instant online car shipping quotes for your shipment. You'll need to have the following information handy:

  • Pickup location and destination
  • Vehicle make, model, age, modifications, and operability
  • Transport preference (open or enclosed transport)
  • Preferred shipping dates
  • Specialty services, if applicable

To start comparing free quotes from our top recommended auto shipping companies, click below.

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Our Recommendations for Auto Shipping

To kick off your search for the best auto shipping cost, we recommend reaching out to Montway Auto Transport and AmeriFreight. Both auto transport brokers are backed by excellent industry ratings and offer some of the best car shipping quotes in the industry.

Montway Auto Transport: Best Availability

Our highest-rated provider, Montway Auto Transport lets customers choose from not only standard shipping options, including open, enclosed, door-to-door, and terminal-to-terminal, but also specialty services like expedited shipping and Hawaii auto transport. The broker vets every auto transport carrier it works with, ensuring your vehicle is in the best hands possible.

Montway Auto Transport holds an accredited A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a 4.2 out of 5.0-star score from customer reviews on Trustpilot. The broker ships to all 50 states, as well as internationally.

Learn more about the company in our Montway Auto Transport review. You can also visit or call (844) 601-0286 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Best Availability
Montway Auto Transport

AmeriFreight: Best Discounts

AmeriFreight offers a wide range of discounts to its customers, especially ones not available from any other car shipping company. The broker holds exceptional customer service ratings, including a 4.86 out of 5-star BBB customer rating, and offers competitive pricing for its services.

AmeriFreight offers open, enclosed, door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal, and alternative vehicle shipping (for ATVs and RVs), all of which are available in all 50 states.

You can learn more in our in-depth AmeriFreight review. Use the tool below or call (678) 821-2669 to get a free, no-obligation quote from AmeriFreight.

Best Discounts

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Auto shipping ratings are based on a comprehensive comparison between every major car transport company in the industry. We rate providers based on cost, available services, company reputation, and the customer experience. Each auto transporter receives scores in these individual categories and an overall score out of 5.0 stars.

To formulate rankings, our review team considers a company's offerings compared to competitors, ratings from experts like the Better Business Bureau, and customer reviews. We also collect sample quotes across a variety of shipping routes, distances, and transport types to measure pricing against the industry average.