I'm installing crown molding and I'm not sure how to cut molding so it matches in the corners. Do you have any tips?

To cut crown molding correctly you will need a compound miter saw. Each 90 degree angle, whether it is an inside corner or an outside corner, will be cut on a compound 45 degree angle. You can see how it's done by viewing our slide show, Basic Guide to Working with Molding.

- Answered by AskAProKeilty

You can also cut crown molding using a standard miter saw and don't necessarily need a compound miter saw. They're expensive and complicated to learn. All you need to know is that you cut all crown molding by setting it in the saw the way it would be set on the wall. The only difference is that you cut it upside down. Pretend the flat surface of the saw is the ceiling. Most of the crown molding we cut nowadays is miter cut on the inside corners, it's easier.

- Joel @ The Renovation Place Submitted by JoelRenovationP



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