Give a plain interior door an intriguing treatment with a mirror and muntins.

Create the illusion of a French door.
  • Tape measure
  • Mirror cut to size (see Step 1)
  • Pop-in muntins (available at home improvement stores) to fit mirror
  • Double-stick, cushioned tape
  • Trimmer or crafts knife
  • 6 mirror clips and screws
  • Screwdriver
  • A helper


1. Measure the door. On all sides, subtract an amount equal to about one-sixth the door's length or width. (For example, if your door is 24 inches wide, subtract 4 inches for the left side and 4 inches for the right side, and you have a width of 16 inches.) Have a mirror cut to the size of the smaller measurements. Or check at home improvement or housewares stores for a mirror within about an inch of the size you need.

Photo 1

2. Add muntins. You may need to trim the muntins with a miter or circular saw. Adhere the muntins to the mirror with double-stick cushioned tape cut into small pieces (see Photo 1) and evenly spaced along the back of the muntins.

Photo 2

3. Mount the mirror to the door. Place the mirror clips (see Photo 2) about 3 inches in from each corner and midway on each vertical side. Set the mirror in place under the clips -- two sets of hands are best at this point -- and use a screwdriver to gently tighten the clips.


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