Molding & Trim Designs

Trim and molding are like jewelry for your home: made to give basic walls, ceilings, entryways, and furniture a finishing look. Trim and molding make a powerful design statement by highlighting distinctive features and creating focal points in rooms. Whether your home's style leans classic or modern, you can customize it with gorgeous architectural details.

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Style-Setting Architectural Features

Discover new ways to layer on style -- whether it's rustic or traditional -- with architectural details, trimwork, and textured materials.
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Living Room Trimwork Ideas

Improve your home decor by adding or upgrading architectural details and trim.
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Distinctive Trimwork Ideas

Few elements signal style as surely as carefully selected trim. Show off a home's style with gorgeously layered crown molding, beautiful panels, and classic columns.
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Colorful Ideas that Will Put Boring Woodwork Out of Business

Accentuate the positive! Highlight your home's finest architectural features (or give plain-Jane details more oomph!) with look-at-me paint colors. See how 19 innovative homeowners used jewel tones, rich neutrals, and sassy hues to improve interior views while drawing attention to window trim, door frames, woodwork, and more.
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Bathroom Wainscoting Ideas

Learn about using the right wainscoting for your home.
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More Molding & Trim Designs

Faux French Door

Give a plain interior door an intriguing treatment with a mirror and muntins.
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Upgrade a Door with Molding

Paint and molding are all you need to give an inexpensive interior door the look of a costly paneled model.
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