Molding & Trim

When it comes to infusing your home with rich, historical flavor, wood details—such as wainscoting, beaded board, paneling, and crown molding—are a worthwhile investment. Ornate trimwork and molding can be the ultimate design statement in a room, adding interest to walls and clearly defining each space.

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How to Paint and Stain Baseboards

Give your home an upgrade with freshly painted or stained baseboards. We've got all your tips you need for a successful job.
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How to Make a Return Cut on Molding

Solve appearance issues on the ends of molding by making a return. We'll show you how.
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How to Prepare Trim for Painting

Trim, baseboards, and moldings add architectural interest to any room, and a fresh coat of paint makes these features stand out even more. Our tutorial shows you several tips for properly preparing your trim for paint.
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Crafting a Plate Rail

This simple but handsome plate rail will give you a place to display decorative plates.
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How to Clean Ceilings and Moldings

Keep ceilings and moldings looking good overhead with these easy cleaning tips.
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Beaded-Board Bathrooms

Beaded board is the perfect cottage-style accent for baths; it's inexpensive, durable, and easy to install, plus it adds instant charm to any space. Steal one -- or more -- of these ideas to incorporate into your own bath.
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Beautiful Ceiling Design Ideas

See photos of classic ceiling treatments and design ideas that add character to any room. From pretty molding to decorative beams, you can give common ceilings a boost with these style-setting ideas.
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Decorate Your Walls with Molding

A welcoming room begins with well-dressed walls. Consider these stylish statements you can make with millwork.
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Style-Setting Architectural Features

Discover new ways to layer on style -- whether it's rustic or traditional -- with architectural details, trimwork, and textured materials.