7 Neon Signs That Make This Throwback Trend Feel Fresh

Bring bright color to your walls with these nostalgic lights. Neon signs are back and bigger than ever in modern phrases and funky shapes starting at just $6.

Neon lights might bring to mind the flashy signage of tourist destinations like the Las Vegas Strip and Times Square, but these glowing fixtures are now popping up inside living rooms, home offices, bedrooms, and more. Colorful, incandescent signs bring a bit of nostalgia and an unexpected edge to interiors, and they're one of the buzziest home trends this year. According to its 2021 trend report, Pinterest has seen a threefold increase in searches for LED light signs compared to last year, and search interest for "neon room" grew 800% over the same period. Although neon sign technology has been modernized since its inception a century ago, the appeal of these vibrant lights is timeless.

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After its invention in France, neon signage landed on U.S. soil in the 1920s, initially providing showy outdoor advertising for car dealerships before it was adopted by a range of other businesses. Throughout the following decades, elaborate neon displays lit up big cities and small towns all across the country, welcoming customers toward diners, bars, roadside motels, and other establishments. Neon signs originally used gases like neon and argon to produce their vivid glow and often contained harmful metals like lead and mercury. Today, LED lights, which are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, are most commonly used to create the rainbow of luminous color seen in neon signs.

You can now find neon signs sporting a wide variety of shapes, phrases, and colors at affordable retailers including Amazon, Target, Wayfair, and more. Additionally, custom options from sites like Etsy allow you to create custom designs that reflect your personal style. You can typically select the sign's size, color, and font and request a specific word or phrase. Think favorite song lyrics, a quirky saying that makes you smile, or a name that represents your family or household.

Whether you go custom or purchase something off the shelf, treat your neon sign as a focal point of the room. Mount it in a prominent spot, such as above the sofa, at the end of a hallway, or over the fireplace. In more traditionally styled rooms or formal spaces, it'll stand out as a funky accent that draws eyes and sparks conversation. Repeat the sign's color throughout the room using accessories like throw pillows and other wall decor to pull the look together. Shop the neon signs below to showcase this fun throwback trend in your home.

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Neon Sign for Entryway

yellow neon sign above console table
Courtesy of Wayfair

Trinx Hello Gorgerous LED Neon SignHang this LED neon sign in your entryway for a boost of confidence whenever you walk in the door. The yellow light-up letters are mounted in a 20x6-inch acrylic frame for easy hanging. The included cable uses low-voltage USB power, so you'll need an adapter (like the kind you use to plug your phone charger into the wall) if you don't have a USB outlet.

Buy It: Trinx Hello Gorgerous LED Neon Sign, $113 (originally $255), Wayfair

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Cloud-Shaped Neon Sign

yellow cloud neon sign
Courtesy of Amazon

Mount this cloud-shaped light above your nightstand for a dreamy accent, or incorporate it into a gallery wall as an unexpected piece of art. Measuring about 12 inches across and 7 inches tall, the lighted frame includes two hook holes for simple hanging. Choose between warm white, blue, or pink LED lights, which can be powered by three AA batteries (not included) or the USB cable.

Buy It: KAQ Warm White Cloud Light, $11, Amazon

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'Good Vibes' Neon Sign

white good vibes neon sign
Courtesy of Target

Set an upbeat tone with this neon sign. The "good vibes" message is lit by warm white LED lights with a USB plug. It measures about 7x13 inches.

Buy It: Room Essentials Neon Wall Sign White ($25, Target)

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'Chill' Neon Sign

white chill neon sign above desk
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Consider this neon sign your reminder to take a deep breath. Its "chill" message, which measures about 12 inches across, would perfectly suit a bedroom, home office, or bathroom. The LED light features a two-prong plug and an on/off switch on the cord so you can keep it plugged in.

Buy It: Chill LED Wall Light ($69, Pottery Barn)

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Personalized LED Sign

person holding up white neon sign
Courtesy of Etsy

This Etsy shop offers customizable neon signs in a full rainbow of color options. Choose your size, font style, and message, and your sign will be ready to ship in about three to five days. It comes with a 6-foot-long power cable that plugs into a standard outlet. (It's recommended you contact the seller directly before placing an order to confirm your customizations.)

Buy It: Custom Neon Sign ($88-$550, Etsy)

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Leaf-Shaped Neon Sign

green leaf-shaped neon sign
Courtesy of Etsy

Complement your living plant collection with this monstera-shaped neon sign. The piece is handmade using electroluminescent wire mounted in an 11x14-inch acrylic frame, which includes stainless-steel hanging hardware. Powered by two AA batteries (not included), the lights can be set to flash or remain on.

Buy It: Monstera Plant Neon Sign ($70, Etsy)

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Rainbow Neon Sign

rainbow neon sign
Courtesy of Target

Brighten up a playroom or kids' bedroom with this rainbow neon sign. The multi-colored LED light could even stand in as a nightlight. The 12-foot power cord features a rocker switch so you can easily turn it on and off.

Buy It: Pillowfort Rainbow Neon Wall Decor ($40, Target)

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