Light Bulbs: Choose the Right Bulb for the Job

Learn about the type of light bulbs, from energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs to halogen and chandelier light bulbs.

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    Lightbulbs 101

    Ever stand in the lightbulb section of the store and wonder why there are so many bulbs to choose from? You might be overwhelmed if you're not sure what you're looking for. On the following pages, you'll learn which bulbs to use and when.

    Energy-Saving Options
    Did you know that with every energy-efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) you screw in, you'll save $30 in energy costs? It's a simple way to conserve energy and save money. And don't forget the simplest option of all: Turn off the light as you leave a room.

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    Fluorescent Bulbs

    Chosen for longer life and energy efficiency, these bulbs are manufactured for newer lamps designed for fluorescents.

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    Fluorescent Tubes

    Cool, long-lasting, and energy-efficient, these tubes are practical for overhead lighting in utility areas.

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    Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

    Designed to go under counters and in other tight spaces, compact fluorescent bulbs generate less heat and last longer than incandescent bulbs.

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    Tubular Bulbs

    With a candelabra base, these are used to highlight art and sheet music. They also are used in some small accent lamps.

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    Reflector Bulbs

    Designed for ceiling or wall track lighting and recessed fixtures, these coated bulbs provide directional light.

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    Three-Way Bulbs

    Used for lamps with three-way switches, these bulbs are an easy way to create mood lighting without dimmers.

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    Halogen Bulbs

    In fixtures and lamps, these bulbs provide clear white light. Do not use in homes with small children; the bulbs get quite hot.

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    Chandelier Bulbs

    These candle-shape bulbs, which may be displayed without a shade, are made for chandeliers and some sconces and lamps.

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    Incandescent Bulbs

    Classic for soft or colored light, these old-fashioned, easy-to-find bulbs are used for lamps and overhead fixtures.

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    Globe Bulbs

    Clear or white, these round bulbs are sized for lighted vanities as well as decorative indoor and outdoor lantern-type lighting.

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