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17 designer finishes. One innovative suite of products, ranging from whole-house music to high performance lighting controls.

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    White Plate with Switch

    Impeccable tastes? Transform your home with simply sublime, classic White.

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    Bordeaux Plate with Titanium Switch

    Inspired by deep, rich, sumptuous colors? A Bordeaux plate paired with a sleek titanium switch is anything but boring.

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    Aloe Plate with Titanium Switch

    Invigorate your walls with a splash of Aloe.

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    Citrus Plate with Receptacle

    Feeling a little daring? Use Citrus to extend your sense of style down to the last detail.

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    Cyan Plate with Volume Control

    Kick it up a notch by combining your whole-house music system with a splash of Cyan.

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    Taupe Plate with Intercom

    Decorate with grace and finesse? Wrap your new intercom system in this tasteful Taupe to add a touch of whimsy to your elegant style.

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    Cameo Pink Plate with Titanium Switches

    Still a kid at heart? Your inner child will never grow up with Cameo Pink.

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    Cozumel Plate with Volume Control

    Looking for an exotic escape? Let the cool tones of Cozumel transport you.

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    Moss Plate with Titanium Switch

    Feeling a little wild? Mix things up with Moss.

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    Gloss Black Plate with Volume Control

    Simply stunning. Use Gloss Black to lend a sleek sophistication to your whole-house music system.

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    Spanish Red Plate with Titanium Receptacles

    Is your taste a little spicy? Fire things up with Spanish Red.

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    Titanium Plate with Switch

    Have a less is more mentality? Match your minimalism with the understated elegance of Titanium.

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