Elegant Bathroom Lighting

Thoughtfully chosen sconces, chandeliers, and ceiling fixtures do more than illuminate; these light fixtures contribute gracious silhouettes, sophisticated shimmer, and touchable textures that enhance a bathroom's elegant appeal.

Shaded in Style

A silver chandelier with an oversized fabric shade brings furnished-room appeal to an already lovely bath. In addition to supplying a fetching form between tub and ceiling, the shade diffuses the light for a softer glow and also directs light to the bathtub below.      

Shine Brighter

Mirrored backplates and silver trim magnify the impact of sconces framing unframed arched mirrors in the crisp white bathroom. The sparkling fixtures partner with a crystal chandelier to introduce glimmers of glamour in the sophisticated, but simply appointed, bathroom. 

Apt Additions

European-inspired bathrooms benefit from distinctive sconces bearing an antiquated air. With prettily profiled bases, gold-trimmed fabric shades, and gray-toned details, these sconces beautifully harmonize with this bathroom's marble surfaces and glazed cabinet finishes.  

Posh Reflections

Installation near and atop mirrors doubles the shimmer of graceful crystal sconces that shed a most-flattering light. The sconces' curved arms and candle-flame bulbs create chandelier silhouettes in keeping with this room's other luxurious details. 

Finely Tuned Juxtaposition

Though contemporary sconces supply vertical interest at the vanity mirror, it's the finely figured chandelier suspended above the sleek bathtub that makes a splash in this modern bath. The chandelier's crisp white finish repeats the color of vanity cabinets and fixtures; its ornate outline provides a charming counterpoint to more streamlined shapes.

Artistic Statement

Shaded pendant lights bring color, texture, and, in this case, plenty of drama to bathrooms of all sizes. This sculptural silk shade mirrors the tub's coppery finish and shimmer, appealingly contrasts with the bathroom's woven shades and grass-cloth walls, and fashionably funnels light down to spotlight the tub.

Coordinated View

Thoughtfully selected light fixtures -- be they pendants, chandeliers, or sconces -- carry the eye around a bathroom. In this neutral bathroom, black stands out as a flowery ceiling fixture and an artfully arranged trio of iron sconces illuminate a pair of black-framed mirrors.    

Overhead Luxury

Bathers bask in a prismatic glow spilling downward from a crystal-bead-draped chandelier. The chandelier's painted wood base, black metal details, and chic silhouette elegantly enhance this sophisticated bathroom design.  

Suspended Interest

Textured-glass ship lanterns drop down via steely cables to enhance this bathroom's breezy cottage character. The fixtures' metallic details mimic the shimmering faucets and cabinet knobs; all the silvery finishes repeat the grayish hues that appear in the countertops and window treatments.

Space-Savvy Choice

With little wall space for installing sconces, these homeowners chose to illuminate a compact vanity nook with a ceiling fixture dressed in a tailored rectangular shade. An inset of sorts at the shade's opening lets light shine through while toning down the light bulbs' glare. 

Cultured Illumination

Dripping in crystals, striking sconces align on mirrored walls in a remarkably refined manner. The silver sconces reflect the shape of the room's chandelier, but present the design idea in a more dazzling finish. 

Eclectic Vision

Modern lighting takes a cue from a mirror's weathered patina, shimmering wall surfaces, and period trappings. Although on the smallish side, these sconces live large thanks to their dual-light design, high-shine finish, and eye-catching contours. 

Cool Composition

Since most bathroom fittings are smooth, polished, and/or sleek, it makes good design sense to build interest by incorporating contrasting textures and forms through textiles, cabinets, and light fixtures. This multifaceted fixture complements the streamlined bathtub below, but adds a layer of interest thanks to its progressive profile and gleaming silver details. 


Set high atop a vanity wall, a klieg-style fixture shines a theatrical light on a bathroom's fashion-forward fittings. Small downlights installed in the mirror frame supplement the klieg light to better illuminate daily washroom tasks taking place at the trough sink below. 

Angled for Success

Pendants dressed in twig-trimmed shades accentuate this bathroom's dramatic architecture, nature-made finishes, and Zen-like serenity. Adjustable cords allowed the fixtures to be installed in the ceiling and positioned so they would properly light the mirror and vanity.    

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