Make the most of your outdoor spaces with these fabulous lighting ideas.

By Editors of Lighting Magazine
January 30, 2020

1. Add a glow from above.

A gentle glow hidden in trees or above a structure such as a pergola can help to mimic a bright moonlight glow.

2. Light a path—organically.

There’s no rule about placement of lights along a sidewalk or hardscape path. Add lights to help provide a gentle illumination as people walk, especially at curves or turns.

Design: Toll Brothers

Design: Toll Brothers

3. Highlight water.

Lighting is a good complement to outdoor water, from a small fountain to a large pond.

4. Focus on structure.

Columns, arches, and doorways are natural spots to include lighting outside.

5. Include sensors.

Ask your lighting showroom about motion or photovoltaic sensors, which can provide the light you need, when you need it.


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