The 9 Best Outdoor Floodlights for Backyards, Driveways, and Everywhere in Between

Our top choice goes to the Sansi LED Security Floodlight.

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Just like your home's interior, the exterior needs to be well-lit. Floodlights are outdoor light fixtures designed to strategically illuminate your backyard, driveway, patio, and wherever else lacks light. They're typically powered by strong LED lightbulbs and can be easily installed into walls, eaves, and other outdoor structures to add more visibility to dark areas at night.

But that's not all they're good for: Outdoor floodlights are oftentimes equipped with motion sensors, which not only eliminates the need for a remote but also wards off intruders, offering peace of mind. And depending on the model, a floodlight can also double as a security camera.

Since floodlights are intended to be installed outdoors, you'll want a durable model that can withstand exposure to rain, snow, and other weather conditions. You should also look into how the floodlight dissipates heat to get an understanding of its durability. It's best to choose one with a cooling system to prevent corrosion and overheating within the unit.

The Sansi LED Security Floodlight earns our top pick thanks to a vast coverage area and motion-sensing technology.

Keep scrolling to learn more about our picks for the best floodlights. Each one comes recommended by thousands of homeowners and can be found on Amazon.

The Best Outdoor Floodlights to Buy

Best Overall: Sansi LED Security Floodlight

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Key Features: Adjustable lamps heads and motion sensor, waterproof design, multiple timer and mode settings.

This easy-to-install waterproof pick from Sansi can suit just about any outdoor space with its adjustable lamps, which are equipped with two 27-watt LED bulbs that produce 1,800 lumens of light. It can cover up to 861 square feet and uses advanced ceramic technology to ensure optimal heat dissipation, meaning they will not only last longer, but also perform better. The light has an adjustable motion sensor, which detects movement up to 50 feet away, and an automatic on/off feature that kicks in when the sun sets, so you don't have to remember to turn it on. You can also manually set a timer to your schedule. Need more power? It's also available in a 2,700 lumen-model for larger areas. The power of the bulbs and the motion-sensing technology make these floodlights stand apart from the competition.

Buy It: Sansi LED Security Floodlights ($40, Amazon)

Best Budget: Lithonia Lighting Adjustable Twin Floodlights

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Key Features: Adjustable lamp heads, automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor, weather- and rust-resistant exterior.

Know before you buy: Lightbulbs are not included.

The affordable and durable Lithonia Lighting adjustable twin floodlights illuminate backyards, driveways, walkways, and porches without breaking the bank. The adjustable floodlights are strategically designed with side-to-side aiming, which helps shine light on tricky dark spots and corners. They also automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn with their handy energy-conserving sensors. Unfortunately, light bulbs are not included; Amazon shoppers highly recommend these powerful and long-lasting bulbs from Sylvania.

Buy It: Lithonia Lighting Adjustable Twin Floodlights ($16, Amazon)

Best with Sensor: Leonlite LED Security Floodlight

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Key Features: Wide-reaching motion detection, high waterproof rating, corrosion resistance, 360-degree rotating heads, multiple timer and light settings.

Equal parts bright and wide-reaching, the Leonlite LED security floodlight keeps the exterior of your home illuminated and secure with its 150-watt bulbs and highly sensitive adjustable motion sensor, which can detect movement up to 70 feet away. For optimal coverage, the waterproof and corrosion-resistant floodlight has malleable heads that are able to rotate 360 degrees and serrated 180-degree adjustable knobs to help them stay in place. Users have their choice of timer settings: manual, automatic, and dusk-to-dawn. "Motion sensitivity works well," one reviewer wrote. "I found that tilting the sensor down reduced the amount of false positives."

Buy It: Leonlite LED Security Floodlight ($42, Amazon)

Best with Camera: Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro

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Key Features: 3D motion detection, Amazon Echo and Alexa compatibility, real-time movement notifications, built-in security siren.

Giving you a bird's eye view of your yard with its HD lens, the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is a light and security camera all in one. This smart pick is controlled through the Ring smartphone app and able to pinpoint motion using 3D technology, giving you an accurate picture of your home at all times (and notifying you when there's movement in real time). It even has a built-in security siren to ward off intruders. If you have an Amazon Echo, you can use it to view footage and even employ voice control options, plus two-way talk and audio. There are even more security perks when you sign up for the Ring Protect Plan, which keeps all of your recordings and allows you to view and share everything that's happened within 60 days.

If your home security system and smartphone aren't Ring-compatible, you'll also be in good hands with the Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, which connects directly to your Wi-Fi, captures sharp security footage with its 160-degree angled viewing lens, and alerts you when there's movement.

Buy It: Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro ($250, Amazon)

Best for the Backyard: Enbrighten 2-in-1 LED Outdoor Flood Security Sensor

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Key Features: Adjustable positioning, multiple bulb color and timer settings, all-weather resistance, 70-foot motion detection, wall and eave mount-compliant.

Able to shine bright without disturbing your neighbors, the Enbrighten 2-in-1 LED outdoor flood security sensor provides powerful visibility with its four light temperatures. The motion-sensing lights offer two modes: accent, which is ideal for relaxed backyard hangs; and security, which illuminates every inch of the area with its bright light. You also have your choice of timer settings, including an automatic dawn-to-dusk setting. This pick is all-weather-resistant and can be securely mounted onto a wall or eave.

Buy It: Enbrighten 2-in-1 LED Outdoor Flood Security Sensor (from $76, Amazon)

Best for the Driveway: Lutec LED Motion Activated Triple Head Floodlight

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Key Features: 180-degree motion sensor detection, 360-degree adjustable heads, multiple lighting and timer modes, high waterproof rating, anti-glare feature.

Thanks to its motion sensor's 62-foot reach, which can cover a lot of ground with its 180-degree tilt, the Lutec LED motion-activated triple-head floodlight greets you as you pull into your driveway. The waterproof floodlight's triple-bulb head can be adjusted 360 degrees and creates 3,500 lumens of light, making it ideal for pickup basketball games in the driveway and late-night hangouts on the porch. Choose between six lighting modes and several manual timer settings, or just have it turn on and off automatically with its dawn-to-dusk feature.

Buy It: Lutec LED Motion Activated Triple Head Floodlight ($55, Amazon)

Best for Trees: Onforu 2-Pack 100W LED Floodlight Set

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Key Features: Anti-glare design, adjustable beam angle, high waterproof rating, shock and vibration resistance, protective rim and cooling system.

Equipped with two floodlights to cover more ground, the Onforu 100W LED floodlight runs on powerful LED bulbs that deliver a bright 5,000 Kelvin cool white glow. The light is further optimized with anti-glare lenses, waterproof- and shock-resistant aluminum, and an advanced cooling system, which work together to balance light distribution and improve the unit's lifespan. It can be tilted up to 180 degrees, and you don't have to worry about damage to the bulbs thanks to the protective rim design. "I put these up in the trees shining down on my yard," shared one reviewer. "With four, it would be daylight. Well worth the money!"

Buy It: Onforu 2-Pack 100W LED Floodlight Set, $50 (originally $55), Amazon

Best Solar: Otdair Solar Security Floodlight

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Key Features: 270-degree light angle, waterproof reliability, 360-degree rotation, offers 30 hours of light when fully charged.

With its strong lithium battery, the Otdair solar security floodlight is able to provide up to 30 hours of light on a full charge. In addition to its dawn-to-dusk sensors, the waterproof solar light has a PIR sensor that picks up body heat and allows it to accurately detect motion. It will shine for 30 seconds when something enters its 120-degree view angle, and thanks to its strategic rotatable three-bulb design, it shines at a 270-degree angle to offer more visibility.

Buy It: Otdair Solar Security Floodlights ($36, Amazon)

Best Weatherproof: Amico 3-Head LED Security Floodlight

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Key Features: waterproof and heatproof design, wide-reaching light coverage and motion detection, multiple timer and motion sensitivity modes.

If you're looking for a heavy-duty floodlight, this model from Amico is your best bet. Boasting an impressive waterproof rating, a durable aluminum exterior, and a scratch-resistant tempered glass cover, the bulbs are strategically enclosed to survive the elements. And thanks to efficient, corrosion-preventing cooling structures and heat distribution, they're designed to last. The wide bulbs offer larger coverage than traditional ones and can be rotated to a customized angle, while the floodlight's motion sensor can detect movement up to 75 feet away, which impressed reviewers: "You won't sneak upon this unit, it knows you're there before you do," one wrote.

Buy It: Amico 3-Head LED Security Floodlight ($46, Amazon)

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