Our Favorite Chandeliers Ever

If you've ever thought about adding a special touch of class to a room, you've likely considered a chandelier. If you haven't, you will after seeing this inspiring set of beautiful ceiling fixtures. Which chandelier style will you add to your home?

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    Statement Style

    This extra-large master bathroom had some space that needed filling. A lucite table and unique plank chairs take center stage below an extravagant crystal chandelier. It's the perfect accent to upgrade this bath to a decked-out dressing room.

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    Bedroom Bliss

    Is there anything prettier than a master bedroom chandelier? This one, made with stunning crystal beads, keeps the clean-lined room from looking underdressed while highlighting the space's chic style. The lines of the four-poster draw the eye to the sparkly light fixture.

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    Fab Kitchen

    An already elegant kitchen takes it up a notch with not just one chandelier but two! These pure white light fixtures serve dual purposes as functional pendant lighting as well as mood lighting for intimate dining. A unique look that enhances formality, these chandeliers create a statement without overwhelming the room.

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    Double Drama

    An elegant dining room isn't complete without a bit of dramatic flair. The collection of classic furniture and unique wall mural up this dining room's formal game. Even better, two matching light fixtures reflecting off the lacquered ceiling create an effortless air of sophistication.

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    Tips for a Luxe Dining Area

    Incorporate these designer tips from luxe dining rooms for a stylish dining space.

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    Colorful Breakfast Nook

    Do all chandeliers have to be pure crystal and incorporate beading? Not according to this funky space. Its teal chandelier pulls double duty in a breakfast nook, both shining light on the table and providing a colorful accent that embraces the eclectic space.

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    Stylish Choice

    It's OK to shoot for extravagance! This bedroom blends both Moroccan and Southern styles in its decor and architecture. With a high vaulted ceiling, a chandelier was the obvious lighting solution. Wrought iron carries some serious weight and prevents the room from appearing too lofty.

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    Office Feature

    Small space aside, if you can accent your home office with chandelier lighting, you should. Look at the difference this cute chandelier makes over a work space. It transforms the area from drab to fab, adding style and interest to a basic bay window.

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    Living in Luxury

    When you need an accent to complement lovely rustic beams, look no further than a simple oversize light fixture. This living room chandelier uses faux candles on two tiers of wrought iron to create an old-fashioned European vibe. The room's perfect symmetry lends itself to the Old World style.

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    Tranquil Turquoise

    Soft turquoise and mint throughout this master bedroom create a cohesive color palette. Accented on the walls and again on the glass chandelier, the pretty palette is ideal for tranquility and relaxation.

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    Dainty Dining

    A quaint dining set pairs perfectly with a sweet chandelier. The dainty gold arms on this light fixture hold small shaded lights, perfect for dimming and dining. A round table below highlights the light fixture's reach.

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    Leave an Impression

    Make your guests feel even more important by dressing their room in stylish decor. Simple bedding and neutral colors may make friends and family feel cozy, but an elaborate beaded chandelier will create an air of elegance. Let them feel like royalty beneath crystal dew drops and soft light.

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    Lofted Beauty

    You can't go wrong with a chandelier overlooking a lofted stairway. A modern fixture that drops to different levels mimics the steps leading up. Use a light fixture with tinted glass to reduce eye-level glare.

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    Cute and Campy

    This eclectic kids room combines several features to keep competing styles from overtaking the space. Bohemian materials and patterns are softened by rustic whitewash shiplap and a custom iron chandelier. Candle-shape bulbs add an ethereal quality to the room.

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    Glamorous and Girly

    Pink accents can grow with a little girl into her teenage years. A simple, modern chandelier highlights this already stylish space. Children at any age will be jealous of her fashion sense.

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    Magical Mood

    A chrome and rose-tinted crystal chandelier makes this bathroom the ideal place for a satisfying soak. The towering piece holds real candles; when lit, the candles' glow dances off the bath's marble surfaces. Dark, lofty ceiling beams become moody and mysterious in the flickering light.

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    Elegant Outdoors

    Don't forget about your outdoor rooms! You can dress up your backyard by hanging an outdoor-friendly chandelier from a pergola or tree branch. Enjoy weather-resistant materials for your light fixture, or go for a look that will create natural patina over time.

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