Energy-Efficient Homes

The key to an energy-efficient home is research and solid planning. Learn how to make the most of your home and embrace the sustainable living life.

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How to Install a Smart Thermostat

These eco-friendly gadgets learn your habits, then help you save energy and money.
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24 Tips for Energy-Efficient Homes

Wondering how to make your home more energy-efficient? Learn how to conserve energy and costs in your home with these expert tips for better living.
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15 Ways to Stay Cool & Save

With summers trending hotter and budgets getting tighter, it's tough to stay cool. Here's how to reduce your summer energy bills without breaking the bank.
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Recycling Made Easy

From small items that can fit in your curbside recycling to large household items that require outside professional assistance, here are solutions you can use to make recycling convenient.
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15+ Smart Ideas for Saving Energy & Money

Consider these steps to cut your home's energy consumption, keep utility bills low, and lead a more efficient lifestyle.
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