10 Vintage Finds Repurposed as Garage Storage Ideas

Move aside, pricey garage storage solutions. These thrifted finds are good for the environment and your wallet.

When organizing your garage, you don't have to drop a lot of money on fancy storage containers and organizers. Give your wallet and the environment a break with these repurposed storage ideas. You can easily take back control of your space by using secondhand furniture, baskets, and bins. The next time you head to the thrift store, put on your creative cap. Vintage coffee cans become storage for small tools, and milk crates make it easy to gather sports equipment. Repurposing secondhand items for garage storage makes decluttering easy, budget-friendly, and makes mother nature happy.

rustic white garden table with pink flowers
Laurie Black

1. Thrifted Furniture

Keep your potting needs in one spot by transforming an old cabinet, hutch, or buffet. Pots, watering cans, and other supplies are displayed on the open shelves of this vintage piece. The bottom has ample space to store larger items like soil. Try attaching hooks to the side to hang gardening tools.

labeled jars with small items
Trish Podlasek

2. Glass Jars

Need to store small but still be able to see what's inside at a glance? Wash out old jars and store anything from seeds to screws. And you don't even have to go shopping for this repurposed storage solution. More than likely you have a wide range of reusable containers—pickle jars, jelly jars, and more—sitting in your recycle bin. Label the jars to further organize like items.

storage boxes hanging on green wall
Kim Cornelison

3. Milk Crates

Sports equipment can be tough to store. It comes in many different shapes and sizes, and balls have a tendency to roll around and get lost. Keep sports items in their place with heavy-duty milk crates mounted to the wall. These particular bins were purchased from a local dairy that was closing, but you'll also find them at flea markets and thrift stores.

metal bench on stone patio
Edmund Barr

4. Wood Boxes

Garage storage works best when it gets items off the ground. Store small, lightweight items in old fruit crates mounted to the wall. This cute scene stores succulents and other plants, but the boxes could also be used to house extension cords, tools, or other small items. Spruce up wood crates with some paint or stain for a finished look.

green portable gardening storage bin
Bob Stefko

5. Repurposed Cans

When thrifting, you never know what you're going to find. This set of tin cans from a flea market makes an adorable (and practical!) garden caddy. Gloves, tools, water bottles, labels, and more all fit inside the DIY storage unit, while a hefty handle makes it easy to transport. For more storage space, try creating a caddy with coffee containers instead.

organized tool garage with checkered floor
Marty Baldwin

6. Reclaimed Dresser

Don't be afraid to modify a piece of thrifted furniture to fit your garage storage needs. This dresser was found at a flea market, but a few tweaks transformed it into a storage-savvy garage staple. The doors were removed and the wood received a coat of fresh orange paint. The buffet top was replaced with a solid-core pine door that doubles as a workbench.

hanging basket of string in shed
Marty Baldwin

7. Wire Baskets

Baskets are accessible, affordable, and can be labeled with ease. Find durable wire baskets at thrift stores and garage sales, and update them with a coat of spray paint. For baskets with a handle, hang on a hook to keep items off the ground that might be damaged by damp garage flooring.

rustic wooden gardening toolbox
Scott Little

8. Storage Box

Spring and summer are made for outdoor dining, but it can be a hassle to lug silverware, linens, and dishware outside. Make life easier by using a vintage suitcase or lidded box to create an al fresco dining kit. Look for a container with multiple compartments to easily separate dining essentials. Add dividers using cardboard or thin sheets of wood if your suitcase doesn't have multiple sections.

vintage coffee can filled with scissors
Jay Wilde

9. Coffee Cans

Put metal coffee containers to use in your garage for small odds and ends. Wash out any grinds, then fill them with small hand tools, scissors, writing utensils, or building supplies. Screw your coffee containers to a wall or set them in a row on a shelf for easy access. Keep like items together to stay organized.

blue garden box on wooden table
Laurie Black

10. Tool Box

Need a spot to stash your garden seeds? An antique tool chest is a perfect solution. Its durable frame and roomy interior are perfect for holding seed packets, small spades, and garden gloves.

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