27 Genius Garage Organizer Ideas and Products for a Manageable Space

We have garage organizer ideas for every bit of your space.

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organized garage corner labeled totes work area ride-on toys
Photo: David Patterson

Bring order to your garage with storage solutions that maximize all the available space. Organize your tools, outdoor gear, and anything else you need to store with these handy garage storage ideas. By utilizing shelving, hooks, pegboards, and more, you can stash all your stuff while leaving plenty of room to park your vehicles.

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Efficient Garage Organization

garage organization bike rack shelves table
Paul Dyer

This extra garage bay has customized shelves up high to store Christmas decorations, clothes, and sports equipment. Open baskets and bins down low make it easy for family members to put things away. Hooks store bikes vertically, maximizing wall and floor space. A bench, kids' table, and area rug allow the space to serve as a bonus playroom.

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Extra Garage Storage

organized storage garage space
Paul Dyer

If you're running out of storage space in your kitchen or basement, utilize the garage to stash items that won't fit elsewhere. Here, 16-inch-deep shelves hold the overflow of household goods, such as bulk paper supplies, canned and bottled drinks, kitchen pots, and large loose items. Small bins contain cleaning supplies.

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Garage Shoe Storage

shoes luggage garage storage
Paul Dyer

Consider the most accessible location for each item category when organizing your garage, such as placing shoes by the door. Here, deep 20-inch shelves house the family's footwear near the entrance into the house. The home's "no shoes" policy is easy to follow, with a shelf for each family member. If space is at a premium, consider a freestanding shoe rack (like this Better Homes & Gardens Farmhouse 3-Tier Shoe Rack, $44, Walmart).

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Garage Storage for Small Items

drinks supplies tools storage drawers bins
Paul Dyer

Shallow drawers and bins are better garage organizer ideas for stashing small items instead of large lidded containers. In this garage, hanging drawers stow frequently used utility items, such as small tools, paintbrushes, extension cords, and extra lightbulbs. Drawer dividers keep small things from getting lost. Up top, storage bins hold bulk purchases of water and soda.

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Sports Equipment Storage

sports shelves storage bins
Paul Dyer

Bring order to heaps of sports equipment with adjustable shelves, baskets, and bins. Here, a movable basket for smaller odds and ends hangs off the front of one shelf, freeing up space for larger items. Below, big mesh bins feature casters so kids can easily roll out all the sports gear at playtime.

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Stylish Garage Storage Ideas

organized garage corner labeled totes work area ride-on toys
David Patterson

To put vertical space to work in this garage, the homeowners hung drywall on one side so they could install a wall storage system that hides gear inside crisp white totes. The system is mounted high enough off the floor that wheeled toys can tuck underneath. In addition, colorful magnets on the fridge and freezer, a glossy metallic floor, and artwork above the workbench upgrade the garage with personalized style.

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Garage Tool Organization

garage work station bench pegboard tools organization
David Patterson

Create an organized station in the garage to stash tools and provide workspace. On this workbench, power tools are tucked on a bottom shelf, and magnet hooks hold light items on the side. Make sure to locate workstations near electrical outlets so you don't need to move equipment elsewhere to work on projects.

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Labeled Garage Storage

slide-out bins garage organization labeled paint strips
David Patterson

This garage storage idea is a smart system that includes sliding drawers to easily access frequently used family necessities. No more moving heavy bins stacked four-deep to get to items at the bottom. For a bright touch, use leftover paint strips to create colorful labels.

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Garage Organizing Ideas

hanging garage tools rake shovel brooms paint strips fridge watering can
David Patterson

A snap-in toolbar makes quick work of corraling long-handled garden and snow tools. If you have a garage refrigerator, hang lighter items from super-strong magnetic hooks on the side. Stock a caddy with cleaning or gardening supplies and slide it on top of the fridge for quick access.

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Garage Bicycle Storage

garage makeover corner bike storage ladder deck box organization
David Patterson

Bicycles can take up a lot of valuable garage space if they're simply wheeled in. To keep the floor clear, install a pulley system to hang bikes from ceiling joints. Mount hooks nearby to keep helmets handy.

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Streamlined Garage Storage

Ideas Garage Organization
Greg Scheidemann

A garage is optimal for organizing and storing tools, outdoor gear, and off-season belongings. This space utilizes a variety of garage storage ideas, such as a freestanding shelving unit to hold things like cleaning supplies and dog food and a pegboard for tools to maintain a sense of order. A wooden shelf was installed over the door to tuck away seasonal supplies.

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Garage Storage Shelf

garden garage organization
Erica George

Storing boots, bins, soil, and watering cans (similar to this Better Homes & Gardens 1.7 Gallon Galvanized Metal Watering Can, $20, Walmart) upright on adjustable shelves frees up space and eliminates clutter on the floor. Adjustable shelving makes it easy to create space for different-sized objects as your storage needs change. Simply remount the shelves at different heights to accommodate new items.

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Ultimate Garage Organization

Upgrade your garage organization to the next level. See how this garage uses smart storage solutions to streamline sports gear, garden essentials, and more. Take a cue from its setup to bring order to your own garage.

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All-in-One Garage Workstation

workbench tool set totes garage
Alise O'Brien

Take advantage of your garage to create the ultimate workspace. Outfit a multi-purpose work area that includes a potting table, a metal toolbox on casters, overhead cabinets, and wall-mounted hooks to hang bags and aprons. For a decorative touch, lay down a durable area rug or carpet tiles to soften the hard flooring.

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Seasonal Clothing Storage

clothes totes storage shelf
Paul Dyer

Free up closet space by relegating out-of-season clothing or hand-me-downs for the next child to garage shelves. Use clear, same-size containers with lids for a neat look and the best use of space. Since these items don't need to be accessed often, they're OK to store up high. Apply labels to help identify the contents from below.

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Hardware Storage Ideas

tool peg board garage
Greg Scheidemann

Add a bit of color to your garage storage. Paint squares on a pegboard to designate spots for specific items. Hang the pegboard on a wall stud and equip it with bins for an innovative storage system. The sideways bins stow often-used accessories that are not easily hung from hooks, such as gardening gloves and hose nozzles. Mount a large bucket to the pegboard for an alternative to a hose reel that also offers storage.

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Garage Pegboard Storage

hose garden gloves garage
Erica George

Add a bit of color to your garage storage. Paint squares on a pegboard to designate spots for specific items (like this Better Homes & Gardens Blue Cove Water Hose, $40, Walmart). Hang the pegboard on wall stud and equip it with bins for an innovative storage system. The sideways bins stow often-used accessories that are not easily hung from hooks, such as gardening gloves and hose nozzles. Mount a large bucket to the pegboard for an alternative to a hose reel that also offers storage.

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Garage Storage Bins

buckets organized tools measuring tape
Alise O'Brien

Cohesive and functional, these plastic bins are a practical way to bring organization into your garage. Look for a system that can simply click into place along a slatted wall. Transforming the unused space beneath a cabinet into a neat row of bins for regularly used items, such as seed packets, pliers, and painter's tape means never having to search for small items again.

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Garage Cabinetry Ideas

shelf organized first aid golfing
Kathie Kull

Slatted wall panels allow you to mount cabinets to the wall without leaving holes in the drywall. This also grants you the flexibility to reposition them whenever needed. This 24x24x12-inch cabinet, for example, can support up to 150 pounds and is coated to resist corrosion.

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Concealed Garage Storage

wheel barrel garage organized curtains
Cameron Sadeghpour

Curtains aren't just for showers or windows; they're an inexpensive and easy solution for concealing garage storage. Install a rod and curtain panels in a corner of your garage for a quick fix. Use this garage organization idea to disguise unsightly equipment or clutter for a clean look.

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Garage Storage Hooks

hooks large garden tools rake shovel
Scott Little

A slatted wall panel can increase your garage's storage capacity by using walls to store big gardening tools. Be sure you use appropriate hooks for heavier items such as shovels, rakes, and power tools. Place the hooks at varying heights for convenient access.

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Small Garage Organizers

magnetic spice container garage organize
Cameron Sadeghpour

Take a tip from your kitchen and use spice containers in your garage. These little canisters are perfect for organizing screws, nails, and washers. The clear lids also make it easy to see what's inside, saving time when looking for items. Mount a magnetic panel to a pegboard to hold the canisters when not in use.

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Portable Garage Storage

store miscellaneous items buckets
Cameron Sadeghpour

Rout holes in wooden display shelves for a convenient place to store miscellaneous items such as scissors and zip ties. These small buckets fit neatly inside the holes for an easy garage storage idea. Handles allow you to quickly grab the containers and take them elsewhere if needed.

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Garage Work Bench Organization

workstation potting bench
Holly Pruett

Simple modifications helped transform this potting bench into a fully equipped garage workstation. Large holes routed into a shelf now offer storage for everyday tools. A metal ruler screwed to the bench top is always ready for a quick measurement. Jars, hooks, and magnetic clips provide easy access to tools and workshop necessities.

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Multifunctional Garage Bench

Multifunctional Bench workstation
Marty Baldwin

Combine a variety of garage storage ideas to make a complete workstation. This traditional potting bench provides a large surface area for working, while a pegboard keeps tools within reach. Clip-on light fixtures offer focused lighting for working on projects. Underneath, labeled mesh bins outfitted with caster wheels are used to sort and store recyclables.

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Garage Wall Storage

Mount hooks tools
Alise O'Brien

These general-purpose hooks can secure unwieldy tools without too much wall space. Mount hooks to a channeled panel with enough room in between to avoid creating clutter or knocking handles. Great for tight spaces, this low-profile garage storage idea still leaves plenty of room to walk past.

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Screwdriver Storage

Storage smart garages
Adam Albright

Easy-to-install screwdriver racks keep tools in order. Select a design that allows you to quickly identify items at a glance. Mount this garage storage idea near your work area so you don't have to go far for what you need.

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