6 Garage Shelving Ideas to Help You Store More

Organize tools, gardening supplies, and sports equipment with ease using these garage shelving solutions.

Owning a house with a garage means being fortunate to have essential extra storage. More often than not, however, garages become clutter magnets. It's tempting to toss things you don't want in your home into the garage with an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality. The good news? There are plenty of ways to transform your garage into a functional storage spot for everything your family needs.

With ideas for freestanding shelving units and creative wall-mounted storage, the following garage shelving ideas will help you organize your space.

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1. Freestanding Shelves

Freestanding shelving units are an excellent organizing tool to use for anything from holiday decor to cleaning supplies. They're relatively inexpensive, available in a variety of sizes and finishes, and allow for customizable heights to fit your needs. Look for garage shelving made of heavy-duty metal with the option to add caster wheels for effortless rearranging.

Use one in the garage to organize bulk products and paper goods so you always know where to go when it's time to refill. Stack clear, lidded bins to hold smaller items and preserve contents from the elements. Label the containers or shelves, and hang S hooks or baskets on the sides for additional storage.

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2. Adjustable Track System

Customizable track systems make for extremely efficient garage organization. While these wall-mounted shelves will run you more than a standalone unit, they provide floor-to-ceiling storage that can be adjusted as your lifestyle changes. Place large bins containing seasonal stuff on high shelving, and regularly reached for items, such as the kids' sports gear, into drawers at eye level.

To make your garage shelving system look cohesive, stick to matching or coordinating containers. Clearly marked labels lend a polished appearance and help identify the contents of each bin, especially those near the top.

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3. Wall-Mounted Hooks

If you currently park a car or two in the garage, or have plans to in the near future, your options for storage might be more limited. However, you can put walls to use to organize tools, cleaning essentials, or gardening supplies. Choose a wall where you have easy access and dedicate it to hooks.

Steer away from adhesive hooks, as they won't hold up when the temperature rises. Instead, mount a pegboard lined with hooks or hang a wire lattice grid and arrange a variety of hooks to suit your items. Use them to lift ladders, rakes, and brooms off the floor to clear up any cluttered corners.

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4. Pegboard

Pegboards are the quintessential garage organizer and for good reason. They make use of vertical space and can be modified to fit an assortment of things. You can find plywood sheets that fit your needs or, if you're handy, make a DIY pegboard.

Pegboards can be placed above a workbench and used as a spot to store tools like screwdrivers, hammers, or rolls of tape. Or put one to work for other items, like outdoor entertaining essentials. Attach hooks to hang lighting and extension cords, baskets to hold outdoor decor, and a shelf for bins of small items.

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5. Floating Shelves

Professional organizers advise grouping categories or similar items together to make them easier to find and, in many cases, put them back. Use sturdy, wall-mounted shelves to create an organized garage storage system.

Store bikes on hooks with helmets, cycling shoes, and a tire pump on nearby floating shelves. Or divide a series of shelves by season, with camping gear, ski equipment, and beach supplies. Grouping items by function or season goes a long way in keeping things neat in the garage.

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6. Utilize Nooks and Crannies

If your garage has framed walls, avoid wasted space by using them to your advantage. A unique and functional organization system is within reach with a little bit of creativity and a handful of supplies.

Add shallow shelves from stud to stud to store small paint cans and building supplies. Hang brushes along an attached dowel rod and install hooks for hand tools, like spades or trowels. Bungee cords installed across studs keep tall equipment, like brooms and rakes, in order. Baskets contain tape, rollers, and sandpaper, while binder clips keep gardening gloves together and easy to hang from hooks.

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